Pirates vs. Phillies Game Highlights (8/27/22) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Phillies full game highlights from 8/27/22, presented by @mattressfirm

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  1. I came here to see POOP on the scoreboard was not disappointed

  2. Phillies keep on winning!! I know it's against bad teams but wins are wins!! Don't slow down now(I hope)

  3. PHI is hot at the moment on a 6 game winning streak. This team has came a long way from earlier this season. Congrats on keep the winning streak alive PHI 👍.

  4. Looks like we're closing in on the first playoff appearance in 11 years.

  5. Rob Thomson.. manager of the year?
    22-29 under Girardi -> 50-26 under Thomson

  6. I like how this Phillies team is taking care of business against bad teams. Years past they would split series against such teams and this year we are seeing a lot more sweeps

  7. Great win for the Phillies nice to see Kyle Gibson pitch a quality start and JT is on 🔥 lets keep the momentum going and go for the sweep #RingTheBell 🔔🔔⚾️

  8. Great job by mlb to get both broadcast in these highlights are impressive

  9. Great win for the Phils JT getting the party started with a 3 run double was awesome Castellanos with the solo shot was awesome Rhys and Bohm each driving in a run was nice Gibby was great going 7 innings not giving up any runs and the pen did great also not giving up any runs all in all great shutout win for the boys

  10. It was nice to see Castellanos hit that bomb to deep right center. Hopefully he can find his power stroke since he has had a down year in that department. If he can this offense would be damn near unstoppable. He also needs to improve with men in scoring position. He has struggled all season in that regard as well. This team is starting to remind me of the 2008 squad with our deep lineup and solid pitching, We are built for the playoffs with our 1 2 3 aces Wheeler, Nola, and Syndergaard. The bullpen is solid but I really wish they would've fortified it more than just bringing in Robertson so hopefully they can string it together in crunch time, especially since we don't really have a bona fide lights out closer. This team was built to win it all, and if they continue to fire on all cylinders as they have been since Girardi has been gone they definitely have the potential to pull it off.

  11. It feels great to have Harper back! Go Phillies!

  12. Are… are we maybe a good team? Is it ok to be hopeful for once?

  13. I only watch these highlights. Can someone tell me, do Phillies actually have chance to make playoffs? If so what’s needed? Please and thanks.

  14. When are the Phillies going to actually play a decent opponent

  15. Every comment ever:
    "Great win by 'winning team'! It was awesome to see X, Y and Z tonight! Hopefully they keep winning and I will provide no additional commentary besides maybe an overused narrative comment like " 'winning team' is beating bad teams this year".

    Now give me likes!"

  16. I haven’t seen the Phillies in the playoffs in so long I’m so happy idc what braves or Mets fans say they can’t take this away from me

  17. JT gave a pitch-framing primer in the seventh.
    Take 'em as we get 'em (Lighting up a nice Olica Series V, happy I made that humidor run).

  18. These Phillies have won 22 out of their last 30🤭👀

  19. Pirates need to change something … or someone …

  20. Phillies wins again over the Pirates within six or more runs, good work

  21. Someone tell the Phil's the game is 9 innings ,

  22. Just amazing what Harper’s been able to do the last 2 nights. I know we expect this from him, but it’s just amazing that’s he’s been able to bounce back as if he wasn’t out for 2 months. The rest of our lineup has looked great also, although brandon marsh’s ABs and plate approaches tonight were concerning

  23. Who else was mad when the Pirates intentionally walked Harper 2 times

  24. ギブソンが勝てて嬉しい😃カスティヤノスがホームランで嬉しい😃ハーパー戻ってきて嬉しい😃ホスキンス常に大活躍で嬉しい😃

  25. The Philadelphia Phillies are 72-55🔴⚪️🔔

  26. ..imagine if girardi was let go in April???✌🏿..go phils

  27. Don’t know if the plethora of supposedly talented prospects the Pirates have will pan out or not, but at a minimum the hitting and pitching coaches should be fired immediately for failing miserably to develop these “rising stars”. Cherrington and Shelton should be shown the door as well. Pirates are largely unwatchable, regardless of how tall Cruz is or how hard he hits or fast he throws. They’re a joke of a franchise with a clown for an owner.

  28. Dominguez could be back next week, Wheeler a week after that. No more injuries please 🙏🏻

  29. We are loving the Phillies out here in Arizona …

  30. Pirata vs phillis⚾️🏏🇺🇲🏴‍☠️

  31. Boy. PPirate fans must be exhausted. Being an Philadelphia old bag I still remember the GLORY era of the 70's when 'Willie' & Crew SMOKED the Phillies while lifting the Silver CHALICE over and over.. 😏

  32. You mean there can be highlights in a Pirate game?

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