Pirates vs. Rays Game Highlights (5/2/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Rays full game highlights from 5/2/23

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  1. Rays have worst fans in league based on their record. The only reason they are opening upper deck is for Yankee fans!

  2. Potential world series matchup right here.Enjoy this series guys.

  3. This was an amazing battle, 2 division leaders going head to head!

  4. who in their right mind would think the rays and pirates would be the biggest early season meeting of top teams? 😀

  5. Huge missed balk call in the 5th. Home plate ump missed so many pitches on both sides. It’s long overdue the umpire union be dissolved in favor of umps who aren’t 60 years old, half blind, and morbidly obese.

  6. I could see 7 games of this

  7. Rays with a bounce back win against the team in NL with the best record. Really loved see Ji man Choi in the stadium. I forgot how much I actually missed him. Gg Pirates

  8. So it takes you 40 minutes to post the highlights to this game but whenever the pirates win the highlights aren’t up until the next day

  9. I love how people thought Margot wasn't gonna work. Now he's as good a fielder as KK39 and he can hit a little better.

    I edited because I didn't get Kevin Keirmaiers number right. Or his last name but you see my point

    Jason Adam is fn filthy
    I should really wait to comment until after the highlights lol sorry

  10. It will be scripted for the rays to win it all because of a new stadium location

  11. The Tampa Bay Rays are 24-6🔵🟡⚪️🐟☀️🏝

  12. The Rays continue to be the best team in the entire league

  13. Just some kinda fun watching good teams play baseball. Was there with family and friends, perfect evening. Go Rays, Pirates a fave vs anyone but Rays

  14. The Rays are just so sound. Easy to see how they’re doing so well.

  15. And now the pirates are starting to look like the pirates 😂

  16. The current top 2 in the league duking it out.

  17. I love how these two underdog towns have the best record in the sport.

  18. The 2 hottest teams in mlb and no one is at the game smh i will always say Florida does not support MLB and a new stadium will not fix that in TB

  19. The Rays are actually REALLY GOOD, my who can stop these guys?

  20. We knew this was going to be tough, but Hedges and his .143 batting average is a liability along with his poor game decisions. Rays had a man on 1st and 3rd and the runner on 1st attempts to steal 2nd so Hedges tries to throw him out which makes it an easy jog for the runner on 3rd base to come home and score. DUMB. Delay is hitting .390 right now. I think he should be the regular guy behind the plate. Suwinski does not belong in center either after his misplay of a fly ball today. There is always going to be excuses with lights or the sun, but Reynolds didn't have those blunders.

  21. That double steal was beautifully executed ❤

  22. Iron sharpens iron. pirates need to face teams like the rays, to see how good they really are and to improve in areas where they aren't good at. I think the only thing holding the pirates back is their pitching depth. I'm hopeful that can be addressed by the trade deadline.

  23. Clase de doble robo y ni que decir el cuadrangular de Harold Ramirez!!!
    De Cartagena para el mundo,

  24. Way to play Guys….nice WIN , exciting game….GO RAYS ⚾⚾⚾

  25. Pirates are still legit from one steel city to another love seeing them doing well

  26. Easily could’ve been a blowout if bethancourt didn’t lose control of that ball

  27. Baseball ⚾️ is way better than basketball 🏀 IMO

  28. From a pitching stand point the rays had to really piece that one together. Great win 👍

  29. When is Glasnow going to pitch been 2 seasons except what little he through in the playoffs Ray's offince is great pitching is good but we need another good starter or 2 GG Ray's keep it up I know it's early and the Os are right up our butts Ray's have held first place in the intire 30 games start

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