Pirates vs. Rays Game Highlights (6/25/22) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Rays full game highlights from 6/25/22

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  1. Suwinski is insane. I know nutting will probably get rid of him in a couple of years but I really hope he stays and develops even more with the buccos. Good game Rays fans!

  2. Wild game to be at. We all went crazy 😂

  3. TB with back to back close wins over PIT. They needed this in the worse way to get back on track in the division which is a warzone. Kudos on the win 👍.

  4. Back to back heartbreaks jeez. The Pirates are chokers. Well hopefully some injured players are coming back soon like Newman, Marisnick, Gamel, Marcano, and Hayes.

  5. In spring training outfielders should be working every day on throwing the ball to home plate. Seems like no matter which team you watch 95% of the throws are at least 10 feet up the line.

  6. I was upset originally when we traded Meadows for Paredes. I am not upset anymore.

  7. angel hernandez needs to be fired from MLB, he makes so many bad calls. Always trying to pick fights with players and coaches and gets off throwing them out of games.

  8. Way to go buccos!! Throw another win away. I should be so used to losing but come on. Finish the damn game n win!!!

  9. Well that was fun to watch at the trop!! RaysUp

  10. Angel Hernandez, I expect him to make at least 1 bad call per game.

  11. As a rays fan I was really happy when Paredes hit the walkoff especially since the Rays haven’t Ben doing to well this season

  12. The Tampa Bay Rays are 39-32🔵⚪️🐟🏝

  13. Isaac saved Cash from being Cyber bullied though he should

  14. How not to be romantic with baseball.
    What a game, Paredes is the man…
    HR, Walk off 🔥.
    Secondly, Jack is a good player, what a cath in the left.
    GG Pirates!

  15. WOW I can't believe that the pirates blew the lead

  16. Great game , exciting walk off . Way to go Guys , good WIN. Go Rays ⚾⚾⚾

  17. Wild finish for the Rays with the walk off victory, man oh man!

  18. That is the farthest homerun I have seen hit to right field in Tropicana Field that didn't hit the catwalk. What a game by Jack today.

  19. Tampa vs pirata⚾️🏏🇺🇲🏴‍☠️

  20. You know they talked about that rookie up in Seattle and the other one over in KC but this guy for Pittsburgh is better than both of them WOW!!!

  21. The amount of one-run games for the Rays is insane at this point

  22. high-scoring game considering Angel Hernandez was behind the plate

  23. Paredes is singlehandedly digging the Rays out of the hole they've dug. Also what is it with Randy just giving himself up almost every single time he's on base?

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