Pirates vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (4/5/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Red Sox full game highlights from 4/5/23, presented by Adobe

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  1. cutch back gives the pirates good luck.

  2. The Red Sox are gonna be abysmal this year

  3. No pitching,get ready for a very,very long season

  4. Muy triste pero este año boston dará lastima nuevamente

  5. 해적선장 매커친
    피츠버그로 복귀를 기다렸다
    역시 피츠버그의 리더는 매커친이지 🔥👁👁🔥

  6. Que decepción este equipo buen bateo pero pésimo pitcheo

  7. Can someone explain why tf would Casas go to third on that ground ball 😭😂

  8. Boston just doesn't have the players. I wonder how patient the fan base will be after another losing season this year.

  9. We got swept by the pirates…. We scored 1 run back to back games. Our main rbi man this past week we don’t play this game… that’s good. Thats a winning move. Why are we sitting people in game 6 of the season??? Why do managers do this…. I like Cora. But that’s idiotic!

  10. The pirates with veterans and young guys 💪🏻

  11. I think Chaim Bloom didn’t realize the Red Sox gig is actually about winning and filling seats. Unfortunately I guess he must’ve thought it was to turn the Sox into the Rays, average attendance 10k.

  12. Cruz needs to be careful, he’s the spark plug of the pirates

  13. Yoshida really can't. Does it make sense that he bought a player like that for 90M$?

  14. lmao major leaguers cannot defent bunt. this is why they need to learn to japan baseball

  15. Yoshida hits a lot of ground balls… and he took a little funny route there in LF, something he was known for in Japan…

  16. I’ve never seen Boston look this bad before. And we’re only in April 😮

  17. What is with the Red Sox coaching?

    This team looks lost, and listless.

  18. The New Look Bucco's! Get the brooms out and Raise the Jolly Roger!!!

  19. Day off for Arroyo was a good move; he got his season going today. Pirates did all the little things right with good pitching = sweep

  20. Yall really got swept by the pirate you now the ad I got before the video was a broom uh that's funny reminds me of something

  21. Sweeeeeep Caroliiiiine….Wah Wah Wah! Swept by a HodgePodge of Nothingness!

  22. I just can't believe the pirates are gonna beat the Yankees in the world series in 5 games

  23. Was it cold in Boston? / So you think that you hit a 3 run HR. 3 men are running to homeplate and than the news that it is a foul ball. How sick must you feel than!

  24. 보스턴 우짜냐? 아시아계 홈런타자를 4번타자로 저 돈 주고 데려와서 ㅋㅋㅋ 무슨 요시다가 무슨 오타니 인줄 아는 모양이네… ㅋㅋㅋ

  25. I didn't catch how the balk happened around 1:57… anyone have insight?

  26. That was beautiful by the pirates literally made like 2 mistakes and one got called back

  27. Bucs totes dominated the Sawx. Young talent up and down this Pitt roster. Keller's stuff is nasty.

  28. These ads are drivin me crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️

  29. Awww damn.. that foul ball homer.. farrrrrrk!!!! Red sox.. you heart breakers..and at home!!!! Whaaaaaa😢

  30. I stil expect a below 500 season but i'd be more then ok if we could win 70 games at least it would show some progress.

  31. As a lifelong Pirates fan who's been waiting for 1979 to come back, I'm not used to seeing them look this good. But it's the start of the season and we all have a long way to go, so I'll prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

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