Pirates vs. Reds Game Highlights (3/30/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Reds full game highlights from 3/30/23, presented by Adobe

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  1. The Pirates are & will remain irrelevant until management decided to stop putting the money into their pockets & into the roster……& yes im from the Pittsburgh area

  2. Wow" A lot of people in the Stadium today, I hope things continue like that, Sometimes that stadium look sad.

  3. I'm not a Reds fan but Cincinnati is a kickass baseball town.

  4. 3 things:

    1) Hunter Greene is probably the hardest throwing starter in the MLB

    2) Oneil Cruz is the best athlete in baseball.

    3) Bae could lead the league in stolen bases if given enough playing time

  5. Was at the game. My god did Cruz screw the Reds

  6. Cruzzzzz 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  7. Three things that are guaranteed in life 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Andrew McCutchen taking super fast pitches in Cincinnati

  8. so many walks and 8, 9 hitters all strike out made reds lose

  9. Welcome back captain Cutch. Cruz could have a monster season. Bae could be a difference maker. Let’s go Bucks!

  10. 지환이 잘한다…오늘의 엠비피…산타나..부끄럽다..외야플라이도 하나 못치는 사번타자…

  11. Makes me so happy to see Cutch in a Pirates uniform again

  12. Cruz needs to go. He can mess a wet dream up horrible pitching🤬

  13. I woulda liked see a better game from from home plate blue!!! He was all over the place , never set a strike zone. Look at bucs big 4rth. Alot borderline calls that where strikes all day. Just saying. Who was home plate ump????

  14. Bae will be a key player in this year, i know people are sleeping on him but i see potential, would also like keller to bounce back not the best start but got the job done

  15. Congrats Pirates and their fans. My first opening day as a Reds fan without my Dad who was a Reds fan for over 80 years. Well Reds, nice comeback, but the walk, stolen base, sacrifice, fly ball, execution is all it took. Pitchers that are wild. Look, what is over a month of exhibition games really worth? Coaching, bullpen sessions, blah blah. Guys make the opening day roster and then all of a sudden can't find the strike zone. I believe in getting beat not walking guys. This is the opening day sign of a very long season for Reds fans. Have to check the schedule to see when the Rockies are coming to Cincinnati with that fat boy Moustakas that the Reds still have to pay to the tune of 18+ mill for his lack of commitment and professionalism and approach to the game among other things. Griffey Jr. should show his face also at least, Reds are still paying him also.

  16. They skipped right over that BS out at 2nd in the 8th inning. Congratulations on not having any accountability for your umpires screwing up.

  17. It’s not just because of Cruz it’s the rules of this year

  18. Heyyyyyy!! Reds picking up right where they left off…LOSERS!!!

  19. Having been at this opening day the reds dont look good. Yet the team is very different from last year too.

  20. When will the Reds ever be good again? I live in misery with this team.

  21. From a mariners you guys are my second favorite I hope the pirates have a sneaky good season

  22. Walk-steal-bunt-sac fly in a tied game late. That's how you win games!

  23. Reds offense looks solid, just not good enough in this one

  24. The bases have almost enough room to hide himself underneath after that terrible pitched inning.

  25. Who were the Reds new recruits? Or there aren't any ?

  26. O’Neal Cruz is gonna gonna be a top ten player in this league. I mean, then the Pirates will have to trade him, because they can’t have nice things.

  27. All these players throwing over 100 is bs its not real. The more they keep adding people to the club of throwing 100 it starts to mean nothing

  28. Hedges MVP with that bunt! Haha

    Even though these franchises are apparently scuffling, there are still some electric players on both these squads. I'll watch O'Neill Cruz any day of the week.

  29. Cruz is gonna be a special player I can already tell! And I really hope so, 🤞🏼 got alot of his rookie cards! Lol

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