Pirates vs. Rockies Game Highlights (4/19/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Rockies full game highlights from 4/19/23, presented by @NTTofficialchannel

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  1. 피츠버그
    포시 진출하면 좋겠다

  2. Pittsburgh dominated this series with full command

  3. Mandi Robinson harassed me in the lobby on February 26th, 2022

  4. Could be a very good year for PIT. Fun team to watch. From a Cardinal fan.

  5. I know this isn’t going to last, but damn it’s fun to watch Pirate baseball again! This team is just straight up having fun.

  6. I was at this game, I'm a Rockies fan and I'm not even mad. Very entertaining to see how the pirates would play if you asked AI to generate a game between them and a little league team.

  7. The Rockies would lose to my high school team at this point

  8. I can’t wait for the end of the year so the Rockies can trade away every player with decent stats 🙃

  9. Being a Rockies fan has become embarrassing. I’ll be surprised if they win 50 games this year.

  10. Any team plays The Rockies enjoy the BP they are terrible ….

  11. Great game Rockies! Loved watching this in person

  12. That's my Bucs 🟡⚫️⚾️🏴‍☠️

  13. Gomber should be the home run derby pitcher this year😂😂

  14. The Rockies are the doormats of the West. 😆

  15. Bro, what Kool-Aid are the Pirates drinking cos they are lighting it up early. NL Central is pretty open now

  16. First 4 went the other way, I see you hitting coach whoever you are

  17. Mccutchen was never washed when he played outside of Pittsburgh. He’s still all star level, but just when he’s in black and gold, where he belongs.

  18. Man just imagine if O'neil Cruz didn't get hurt. Hopefully the Bucs can stay competitive cuz him coming back in September and contributing to a possible playoff push would be so much fun.

  19. 5 run first inning. JESUS. I know it's the rockies but if they could do this to say… the Dodgers… Pittsburgh might just be special and ahead of schedule

  20. Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates again to sunk Chris Bryant and the Colorado Rockies below.

  21. They're really packing 'em in at Coors, aren't they?

  22. Bryan Reynolds did nothing yoday yet the Pirates scored what 14 runs? Let that sink in

  23. Idk what's in their Gatorade but keep drinking lol this is some of the best hitting I've seen in a long time from the Buccos.

  24. I’m more surprised when Connor Joe doesn’t get a hit

  25. Raise the Jolly Roger!


  26. Its the whole team they are most fun team in baseball to watch right now .Seems they are all drinking Kool Aid .Love that sword celebration .Up and down this line up.Big ups to Brian Reynolds keeping umps strike zone on notice .Hot dog guy getting beaned was in that umps zone half a foot off plate, come on now .At least they had huge lead already and didn't lose game over it .Anyway let's go Bucs .Hope they come home and do that stadium will be pandemonium.

  27. Umpires have decided to act particularly retarded this year

  28. Congrats for the the victory, Pittsburgh Football Pirates, haha.

  29. This must be the wrong team. Did they reincarnate the 1927 Yankees?

  30. Don't know if the Pirates are playoff level yet but their definitely not a dumpster fire anymore !

  31. Pirates and Orioles being good at same time reminds me of late 1970's

  32. Steelers run is over. Pirates era is beginning

  33. Just quit…terrible…this is go to be the worst rockies team in the history of the franchise😅

  34. Es increíble que colorado no gane ni por obra de Dios y se dan el lujo de dejar libre a uno de los mejores batiadores del equipo del año pasado al cubano José candelita iglesias que promedio por encima de 300 el año pasado sinceramente no pueden ganar así 🤦🏿‍♂️

  35. 今シーズンのパイレーツは強い。


  36. Score a bunch of runs, you'll win. Easy comment today. Looking real dang good right now. RAISE IT

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