Pirates vs. Rockies Game Highlights (4/19/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Rockies full game highlights from 4/19/23, presented by @NTTofficialchannel

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  1. Two weeks into the season and players already quit. They can't even execute vs a 10 year old team.

  2. They better bottle some of this up to take home with them. That's a lit of runs over the whole trip.

  3. The 2 strikes that lead up to that Reynolds strikeout & ejection were atrocious they were nowhere near the zone

  4. 3:16 I’ve so missed that, when Cutch knows he’s crushed one and he does his skip hop out of the box

  5. This team is on fire to start the year,love to see it,but can’t be complacent.Keep the foot on the pedal it’s a long season boys.

  6. Yeah, it's just the Rockies, but the Pirates were supposed to be at that same level. It's still early, but they're making it look like they're at least average.

  7. Veo a los pirates muy diferentes esta vez. Tienen chispa y quimica

  8. Es un verdadero deleite ver a estos Piratas jugar. Mantengan la química y sigan jugando duro y agresivo. Vamos, Piratas!!!

  9. Pirates are off to a good start this year I’m impressed.

  10. Pirates are really fun to watch right now! Firing on all cylinders – Let's Go Bucs!

  11. It's like when I stack my Pirates team on MLB The Show and play the CPU on easy.

  12. Great game by the buccos! Cutch aging like a fine wine… but dear lord what bad umpiring behind the plate, no way Reynolds should have been rung up or tossed, and you could see Moustakas nearly losing his mind at certain times; are we sure that wasn’t Angel Hernandez in disguise ?

  13. Cutch just turns on something different when he’s in Black and Gold! So amazing to see him hitting well and the whole Buccos team! Excellent sweep 🧹

  14. The Pittsburgh lumber co…. LOL 👀💯👍😮😊

  15. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 12-7⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️🦜

  16. This team is exciting Love it Go Bucs 🌎series

  17. I hope Cutch has a healthy season and that swing stays true.

  18. 33 runs in 3 games for this Buccos team is beyond impressive. If they can just keep getting quality starts out of these pitchers and not trade everyone come end of July they could have a special season

  19. The smooth sailing of the pirate ship continues.👍☠️

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