Pirates vs. Tigers Game Highlights (5/16/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Tigers full game highlights from 5/16/23, presented by @WoodbridgeWines

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  1. The Detroit Tigers are 19-21🔵🟠⚪️🐅

  2. I’m glad the tigers got the win and they got their 4th shutout in the season 😊

  3. Marcano was in the wrong for arguing at the end, but I've never seen an ump that soft before. His feelings were hurt so badly that he tossed the player after the game ended. Maybe the MLB pays them overtime lol

  4. Happy to see the Tigers play well and claw back, possibly as condensers.

  5. The pirates are victims of their own eyes. They were on a hellacious win streak early and they walked a ton with umps with narrow zones. Last 10 games there's been a ton of backwards Ks against umps with extra big strike zones.

    The fix is simple though. Swing the bat. We need some hits as opposed to just getting on base.

  6. The umpire threw out the Pirate batter for complaining about his call that ended the game two seconds earlier. Can a player be thrown out after a game is over?

  7. MLB are you serious both Pittsburgh and Detroit shouldn't have to be treated like they are cities on the west coast get these videos out sooner.

  8. Bro got thrown out after the game ended anyways😂

  9. Better luck next time Buccos, E- Rod throwing tomorrow gonna be a 2 game sweep.

  10. Fire the hitting coach! Cant make adjustments

  11. Dang who's the soul-sucking droll commentator in the beginning? "Look at the movement on this ball……………"

  12. Don't look now, but the Bengals are just two under .500. Impressive turnaround, and the fan base is excited again

  13. MIGGY HITTING 190?!?!?

    YO MIGGS!!

    You got enough $$$ in the bank!!

  14. lol did the ump throw out the batter on the last strike out? Oh no! What he doesn't get to take a shower and has to leave the ball park right away?

  15. strike zone for detroit pitchers was generous. last pitch was in no way a strike.

  16. Javier Baez and the Detroit Tigers wins over Bryan Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates, Miguel Cabrera wants to know. ⚾🔵🟠🐅

  17. Man, from the best record in the NL to on their way to under .500. These are the Pirates I'm more familiar with. Hopefully they get back in stride soon.

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