Pirates vs. Tigers Game Highlights (5/17/23) | MLB Highlights

Pirates vs. Tigers full game highlights from 5/17/23, presented by @WoodbridgeWines

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  1. Pirata vs tigre🇺🇲⚾️

  2. No doubt Hedges stole a couple strikes today, but most of those pitches looked in there if you're going by the box. Unbelievable job by Hill.

  3. Ji-Hwan Bae is 23 and hanging with the best this season. Really good looking rookie case

  4. Two grandpas running to 1st base 😂

  5. Hopefully these teams will have better days ahead

  6. Wow we sucked hardcore today against our inter league “rival”

  7. You are watching highlights of pirates at tigers

  8. I hope the lumber company is back! We need more Mitch K in the lineup too. I have to give my uncle grandpa Rich some serious credit too. He’s been pitching well for us.

  9. wellI guess our winning chances ended up on belle isle after that freighter ran aground

  10. Tigers pretty much got no hit today didn't see that coming would of thought the other way around. Bad defense today didn't help any.

  11. That's why we watch this Tigers team. Sometimes they play like their the GOATS of baseball. Other times like this they can't hit right. With us being all over the place in terms of how we play it means we barely made any progress on getting back into the postseason for like the 7th year straight.

  12. PITT NL when Cruz comes back, someone teach that NBA player how to slide into home.. duh duh
    you need him back so you can hoot and hala on how the fakan whiffer throws 97mph to 1st duh duh duh or hits rockets at 117mph between the 2 dozen whiffs..
    iow reality check… Oneil = far more Mario Mendoza than Hans Wagner or Pie Traynor

  13. Getting one-hit by a 43 year old is crazy. Our lineup can really be the worst in baseball one game and one of the best the next game. Who knows 🤷‍♂️

  14. Hedges pitch framing is elite I can’t lie

  15. Good to see the Bucs bouncing back.

  16. I'm 43 years old, so seeing Rich Hill's performance today makes me feel like I MIGHT still make the majors if I really start training lol.

  17. Bucs and Tigers, forever connected by Jim Leyland.

  18. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 23-20⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️🦜

  19. Where is the adjustment from the offense ha ha

  20. Detroit shut them out yesterday, Pirates shut them out today. Rich Hill was fantastic today, Detroit only got on base one time today.⚾

  21. Pagan is not a pitcher we want to keep. Just not reliable.

  22. 힐 선수는
    손가락 부상이 잦은것과
    다혈질인거 빼면 좋은 선수

  23. The Great Greg Brown On The Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Radio Network

  24. Raise It! For real, i wasn't thrilled with Hill at first but that dude battles. Respect!

  25. Why is schoop still on this team?? UGH!!!!!!!!

  26. Hedges gotta feel like the man for getting all those calls. He’s so good he’s getting guys ejected lol.

  27. AJ Hinch is wrong. Those pitches ALL clearly had the plate

  28. Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates sunk down Eric Haase and the Detroit Tigers, raide the Jolly Roger! ⚾⚫🟡☠️🏴‍☠️

  29. Hedges my least fav player in the game right now. Screw that guy

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