Pirating this game will RUIN YOUR CAREER

Video games are fun, but they can also be really expensive. Look, everyone would love for video games to be cheap, and everyone already loves tips on how to get video games for cheap prices. For those who decide to take matters into their own hands and pirate games, they go into it knowing they’re taking a risk. Not only a legal risk, but a risk that developers haven’t hidden things in pirated copies of the game that make the experience a bit more…unique.

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  1. you know piracy features can be avoided like just remove the code that increases pirating

  2. wait until he finds just shapes and beats haha

  3. Me who doesn’t have a career:

    I am beyond ur understanding

  4. i will use cheat engine and then hack the game i dont need to wrry about my career if i have infinite money

  5. Damn I've been playing the pirated one on my phone and nothing seems to be going wrong

  6. I actually did it and it's fine that doesn't happen

  7. My favourite anti-piracy tactics are where you can still play the game but it's impossible to play, i think there was some game where the weapons you get become less Powerful and more innacurrate over time

  8. Jokes on you, I have a properly cracked version without the anti-piracy measures.

  9. I thought they were going to sent a hit squad to my house.

  10. why pirate it the game has 1 bit graphics and its payed make up your mind

  11. Me who didn't encounter any of that
    Its pretty real state

  12. Game Devs: Here's a taste of your own medicine bitch

  13. I have a pirated version and this never happened 💀

  14. Just remove da bad files the original game files and boom

  15. What happens if a tool assisted speed run tried this?

  16. I am waiting 😂 re4 Remake separate dlc version 😆 crack 😕

  17. Nothing happened to me lmao. Diff groups have better ways to get around it.

  18. As someone with no carrer, i see this as an absolute win.🗿🗿

  19. I know that this is supposed to make it near impossible to play, but i think that things that add extra challenge to the game should actually be hidden hard modes.
    Like pirates constantly eating into your profits, the pink scorpion in serious sam, or like… herobrine or missing no.
    I think these unbalanced impossible challenges could be more than a surprise for pirates.

  20. I literally just pirated this game and finish it without a problem😂

  21. This is the first game I have seen that doesn’t have a scary piracy screen 🙂

  22. If you clickbait one more time, it will ruin your career

  23. To be fair, they would be game pirating if they didn’t cost so much

  24. bro, I am also a game dev, and now I am afraid

  25. Bro i ARLEADY player this game and i didnt get pirated because i used mod with inf money

  26. Developers aren't affected by pirates at all, they still get paid, it's publishers that take a hit

  27. nothing happened i pirated it works fine i dunno where u all get info like that i feel like you are just making these stuff up

  28. I feel like pirating the game just unlocks a secret ending

  29. Remember kids: piracy is bad UNLESS the developers / publishers have made access to that game impossible. Examples: manhunt, 3ds eshop, any game before 2006 without a digital release essentially

  30. Shame that these are basically never seen by pirates, when a game is cracked the protection on it is ‘emulated’, meaning the game will have no clue that it’s a pirated copy and it will never trigger the anti-piracy measures. That’s kind of the point of cracks on pirated games, to avoid these.

  31. Try pirating gorebox you will get the most creepiest part.

  32. How do I find a cracked copy that has this?

  33. They also added it as a feature if u wanna experience pain

  34. OK, so if I ever pirate this game, The name of the studios will be “Piracy should be legal”

  35. Well they obvoiuly did a shity job cuz i pirated it and never had any isuses.

  36. Me: i remake the game from scratch from code then to avoid getting copyright claims i then remake it on scratch.ed to make it too good to copyright

  37. I hope many people will take it as a hint and start pirating every ubisoft game

  38. Dude’s never heard of cracking before

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