Pirating this game will RUIN YOUR CAREER

Video games are fun, but they can also be really expensive. Look, everyone would love for video games to be cheap, and everyone already loves tips on how to get video games for cheap prices. For those who decide to take matters into their own hands and pirate games, they go into it knowing they’re taking a risk. Not only a legal risk, but a risk that developers haven’t hidden things in pirated copies of the game that make the experience a bit more…unique.

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  1. Why you pirating it in the first place when It's like 10 bucks?

  2. No actually not all of them do it there was one version of ut built by the devs that they uploaded themselfs soo pirate it just if you randomly go bank ruot just try another ine

  3. Not true tho, i pirated it, and it never affected my game

  4. Or you can js go to the files and say you have the license.

  5. How can devs put specific features in a pirated version of their game? They're not the ones who make a pirated version of their own game.

  6. Talk about walking in someone else’s shoes

  7. I hate when game developers do this, even thought they ruin the game for people that pirate the game, if they have to do that in the first place to prevent piracy, that mean I will never buy that game neither because it is trash. I will not buy any trash game, and the problem with doing this to game with the anti piracy what if someone buy the trash game, and does not want to lose the save data, or the digital game they purchased so they used a device to back-up the game and the save file to the computer, but when they play it on the PC even thought they never did any piracy it always malfunction because it always detected as piracy, even thought the country your in. It is legal to back-up your game. Another game that is very popular for others and I will never buy it because of only one reason, resetting your file even if you only play offline is cheating and the first time it happen even if it was a good reason file got corrupted, or file got erase by accident, the first time it happen you have to scroll through 15 minutes of mr. reseti dialog box, then if it happen again you have to scroll through 30 minutes, then if it happen again you have to scroll throught 45 minutes, so doing that your playing the game by not playing the game, and this force game addiction to people that are not addicted to game. And people that are sensitive to flashing light and have the risk of sesure they have to limit the ammount of time that they play the game so what if they miss click and pic by accident the option they did not want, and they reset their file and it is offline that person instead of continouing right away as to wait for 15 minutes of dialog and then stop playing because if they keep playing they risk having the seizure.

  8. That only works if you don't know how to go in and code it yourself.

  9. I live in Iran and since piracy is completely legal here, so its pretty easy to find and download pirated games. Just search the name of game you want and also put a word like "دانلود" that simply means "download". You can use google translate since you cant copy it here. Then you will see some Persians websites. Just go in the first one and download the game. To understand the language, just use your browser's web translator.

  10. My dumbass thought selling the pirated version of this game will sue me

  11. FYI : this version was released by the developers themselves.

  12. Priacy is no fun! Turn your DS off or take the CD out.

  13. i had a gta 4 episode of liberty city definitive mod i had a 100% completion but i installed a trainer that removed my savefiles

  14. nobody's gonna pirate that random unknown ass game like bro what fuck is that, a youtuber simulator? even roblox got better games. i wonder if anyone will download it even it's free duhh

  15. I used the piracy to fight the piracy😂😂😂

  16. Pirating the game you will get pirated in the game

  17. "It will ruin your career"
    "In the game"

  18. I downloaded the pirate version i have no problem and downloaded some mods.

  19. spiff and exploiters : im 4 parallel universe ahead of you

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