Pirating Video Games

what will we do with the drunken G A M E R

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  1. I'm pirating games since most of them even though i got The money there is no way i can even buy them since my parents most of The Time are against online shopping. Plus there is no such thing as a videogame store în my City, and i dont feel like walking 1000 km only to buy one darn videogame.

  2. I've pirated hundreds of games and bought NONE i think im unstoppable

  3. Just bought myself a vr headset realized I have no money to buy games for it and now I have 10 games and I didn’t pay for them

  4. "… and that's not even including games that don't exist anymore, like Scott Pilgrim VS The World or PT."

    1 Year Later, Scott Pilgrim Rereleased.

    Hey, that's awesome! Say some other games that don't exist in the market anymore!!

  5. LMAO CROSS DAYS that actually made me laugh so hard lol

  6. Tbh people who pirate indie games should get publicly slapped. Pirating games from some crunch-factory on the other hand? Any time.

  7. Brenerator and Collypop Xtreme Gaming says:

    It honestly isnt smart to post this type of content on youtube because if they know its u they will track your devices. if you like pirating dont advertise it to the public cause you have a chance of being yelled at by the cops

  8. Your video's are amazing, I'm subscribing

  9. Wow, I just found an awesome channel!
    Loved your video.


  11. Imagine being a 6 yr old then getting tackled to the ground by a FBI agent then he says your under arrest for downloading Moana.

  12. OK SO HERES A STORY; when i was 11 i got a pirated cd of halo CE but none of my friends knew it was pirated , so the thing was when it asked for a 30 letter code u could type anything and it would be accepted , so i got 5 of my friends installing the cd and when they asked for the code they got scared that they dont know it , and i was like step aside i know the code , and i just typed random shit in the fastest way possible becoming the biggest hackerman in my neighbourhoood and to this day they think im some computer genius.

  13. Comparison: One of many companies sells bread every year. They sell their bread to anyone who will buy it. But some bandits steal a loaf because they don't want to pay. But, the company is still thriving because guess what there's an unlimited amount of bread.

  14. I must admit, I dont like paying for games because Im still a rather broke student but Ive also pirated games worth in the thousands. Its so easy to do and I wonder how steam hast been replaced by steamunlocked yet

  15. I don’t see much wrong with it if the company doesn’t make copies for it anymore, like with old classic games, and if they weren’t pirated, they’d eventually go extinct.

  16. i pirated hoi4 with all dlc because then i can get full game

  17. I pirated undertale over 5 times when it first came out and now I feel bad so I naught it for my switch my new pc and my ps4 lol waste of money but worth it

  18. To be fair Demon’s Crest is a rare and great game, so at least it’s preserving it.

  19. This was really funny. I was listening to it while riding my bike. Pulled over to hit the subscribe button.

  20. Another good reason, if you live outside USA and Europe, you're are screwed, I live in Brazil and here a new ps5 game at R$500 is gonna cost almost half the minimum wage R$1100 per month

  21. I pirate games to test if my pc could run it (I have a decent pc, mostly play games on low/medium). If they run, I buy the game.

  22. Pirating videos Is wrong? Because huge corporations with millions of dollars put time Into them? Why should I care?

  23. I'll pirate anything I want and you can't fucking stop me. Crypto-Anarchg for the win baby!

  24. just dont appeal to the morality of the bourgeois class

  25. dude i Demon's Crest is good

  26. At first, man I feel ashamed for pirating… then… "But JESUS ain't here right now…" XD

  27. I am poor, I am gonna pirate the shit of every video game I can't afford. Simple as that. Till I am rich, I am gonna honor and donate to developers and shit.

  28. For some countries, not everyone gets a chance to buy these games, whatever these are old/new or played on different platform and more IMPORTANTLY, "we are poor".

    That's right, we come from poor countries, just like me.

    To make this short, we pirate games, because old games are not on sale anymore (not including Nintendo since it's a very popular videogame company).

    For example, I want to buy Test Drive Unlimited 1 and 2, but Atari no longer sells these games on their official websites. Sooo what can we do about it?


    There are games that we cannot play it anymore in 2022, or we just want a trip of nostalgia from our childhood games.

    Thankfully, some old games are available on Steam, but at the same time, it's not soo thankful.

    About countries, not everyone is born or living in a life with money. For us, it is too expensive to buy games, even for 5$, which of course it's cheap, but it's not cheap for everyone, remember.

    I usually wait to buy a game when it's discount and use my years of savings to get that game.

    I got Diablo III for my 12th birthday. Best gift ever and still have it today.

    I may be poor, but I at least own "legal" games in my life.

  29. PiRaTiNg Is wRouNg, cumon mi men wut japen wit te 3rd word countris

  30. Dude, just get to the fucking point! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  31. Remember the old days when playstation 2 games where like 3 dollars
    Now a ps4 game costs 60 mothafuckin dollar
    Go f yourself game developers

  32. I don't care how much harm it causes ima pirate whatever I want

  33. Pirating games is wrong people

    Unless the game is owned by Rockstar, Ubisoft or EA

  34. OOPS i accidentally pirated Terraria and minecraft and some movies but it was an accident 😉

  35. Like bro i just wanna play sonic unleashed without having to buy a xbox 360 💀

  36. Pirating Nintendo games it’s a public service.

  37. >watching a terrible bitrate movie/tv on pirate bay

  38. I still dont care how much time its put in the game, I'm broke and will always be broke, been doing it for 7 years life is good👍

  39. Idgaf how developers worked hard to create the game, I just wanna pirate it and take it for granted


  41. I pirated security breach hated it, luckily I didn't buy it

  42. Why do I pirate games. The same reason why EA, Bethesda, Blizzard, and many other garbage game company has pirated from me.

  43. I’ve only pirated Minecraft but the creators don’t care

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