Pirating Video Games

what will we do with the drunken G A M E R

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  1. In my country, for many years, the only way to play games was by piracy ahuahauahs

    Btw, we will still piracy Nintendo games until they decide to sell their games at a fair price!

  2. lets put it this way… my steam games are all good games. How i have such a good way to tell the goods from bad with trailers and reviews… well that is my secret. yo ho yo ho

  3. When Jesus O'Regan posts a new video: omg Jesus O'Regan posted a new video

    I lov you Jesus

  4. 10K Subscribers!! Well done and very well deserved.

  5. History of games piracy: https://www.filfre.net/2015/12/a-pirates-life-for-me-part-1-dont-copy-that-floppy/
    I haven't read this series of articles but I heard great things from it.
    Btw you didn't mention some kids just don't have the means to buy actual games. That's how it was for me on the PC when I was a kid. It was injustifiable buying a game I didn't know I'd be able to run or play well, nor would my family ever actually do that.
    Anyway, that was a good video. People usually don't talk about these things – I'd argue that's a good thing, because niches are good – but when they do it's nice to be a part of it.

  6. I remember pirating Minecraft (PC) back in like.. 1.6 times, back when I was OBSESSED with watching Minecraft youtubers. Then years later my cousin bought me Minecraft. I also remember pirating Gmod. It was laggy on my windows 7 computer, was a little tedious getting the add on items from the steam community and caused some issue with my computer where the sound system would have to be fixed.. multiple times. And a couple years later!… Um… still waiting to get it on Steam. 😅
    But yeah, just be considerate/careful if you plan on pirating games. 👌

  7. Holy SHIT you just blew my fucking mind with that Yugioh Forbidden Memories bombshell. That's gonna be a sub from me dawg.

  8. Hmm. I usually pirate the games I wanna buy to try them out. If I like them I buy them, if I don't like them I just delete them.

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  10. game quite expensive to my country but

    i played nier automata, this time i felt really bad(seriously) cuz i pirated such of amazing game, i decided to buy when steam got 50%

    and i still felt bad…

    i felt stupid when i bought the game at store
    MYR60(about 15usd) still kinda expensive but i can't run the game because i bought a laptop just like buying a pizza.. 8 month later i bought a gaming laptop

    stilll felt bad

  11. Enjoyed watching every second of this video! lookin forward to the next on:)

  12. Anyone here played the gundam battle assault games? SO! GOOD!
    Also Jade Cocoon.

  13. I just play Contra, Super Punch Out and Mega Man Willy Wars on my PS2, is that a problem?!

  14. You forgot one other reason people pirate games, in less wealthy countries like the one I'm from, these games can be expensive as fuck that buying them isn't even an option unless you're a part of the rich minority of that country.

    People try to make argument that if we can't afford the games then how can we afford the PCs we are playing them on well, they don't realize that they are either low-end cheap ones or people had to save up for months or years to be able to afford them, and I'm sorry but no one is going to save up for months to be able to play a 5 hour long game.

    Actually I'd counter argue by saying that we are helping the company in a different way by increasing those games popularity for example I have an online friend living in the USA that I kept insiting he tries Bioshock even though he said that it looked old and boring, but eventually he finally accepted and bought it on steam, so without me insisting him to buy it I doubt he would ever had, and thats my argument.

    He ended up loving Bioshock and he finished infinte a few days ago btw and also sorry if my English isn't the best it's not my native language.

  15. I will say it outright, I pirated Undertale when it first came out because I didn't trust the building hype at the time. After playing though it I decided that as soon as I got a job I would buy it. I bought it on steam not long after I got a seasonal job at Toys R Us.

    Now I never really pirate, unless its a game like Super Robot Wars or Terranigma. That's the I'd buy it if you'd let me buy it.
    And there's the I don't trust the PC port/I already own this game on another system why is it full price steam problem.

  16. You forgot to mention Denuvo and other horrendous services that help pirates with cracks and punish people who bought the game.

  17. yo anyone got the source for that sagiri wallpaper?

  18. Pirating dark souls only to get filtered by moonlight butterfly

  19. Tbh I pirate because I don't make enough money to support my gaming habit atm. I usually save my money up to buy PS exclusives once in a while and then get all my PC games from jack sparrow. I've wanted to buy from steam and other stores multiple times on the PC but my budget doesn't allow for it atm, not to mention when you have DRM software like denuvo that causes performance issues, it becomes a problem. I hope once I get a good paying job I can make enough money to finally buy all the games I want legally and build a PC up to where denuvo won't kill it.

  20. This channel is super underrated, definitely spreading this to all my friends

  21. Well I made a good amount of Mula
    With cd rs and limewire.
    Good times.

  22. Is It okay to pirate Mortal Kombat (2011)? I've bought the game on PS3 but I can't find It anymore and I also saved up and bought It on PS Vita but my PS Vita broke and my dad probably won't buy a new one so Is It okay If I pirate the PC version?

  23. Was superior versions mentioned? That's my primary reason. If a game runs better on another console/port or a game was originally broken but someone has fixed it. I guess hacks/mods was mentioned. But yeah If I can own a game I get physical copies. I typically buy used as well so it's not like their losing sales either. But I also definitely do buy games digitally on sale and new versions of games I really enjoy as well. When I can download a version of a game where the anti-piracy solution is removed I'll do it for performance reasons if I already have bought it. I won't buy games I know have problematic anti-piracy solutions though. In those cases I just have to wait until it's either fixed or isn't marketable/goes on a massive sale.

  24. Fuck paying $60 for every game you crave, I want to play EVERYTHING and pay NOTHING

  25. I'm stealing games IRL and in digital haha
    Fuck AAA developers

  26. i do pirate games but i have rules the game has to be over 4 years old and has to be a aaa game

  27. I think it's justified in certain cases. For example, the only thing I've ever pirated has been the DLC for The Sims 4, because in order for the full game experience, the 8 expansion packs are all around $50-$70, the 7 game packs are around $25, and the 17 stuff packs are $13 or so, on TOP of the game I already paid full price for. Fuck EA, I wouldn't steal a car but I sure as hell will steal their overpriced DLC.

  28. I pirated Alan Wake when i had no money to buy it… I've bought it on Xbox 360 and PC.

  29. Scott pilgrim was announced for the switch so that lines does not age well

  30. Ive found your channel 2 weeks ago and now I've watched basically every video you've made. Amazing YouTuber

  31. I pirate cuphead bendy hello neighbour but I own them all

  32. I Actually support piracy. Why pay 60 bucks when you can get it for free? Poor bois can play

  33. why de thumbnail change ? this one´s pretty cool tho ngl

  34. Actually modern DRMs are really ez to bypass,for example take streamer dayli a infie game wich has no licence verification/DRM, just download,n,play.But youtubers life OMG on the other hand Has, now bypassing this is ez u just need to go to the data folders then plugins then steam.Emu
    Go in there set the steam connection to offline and here DRM bypassed

  35. one day i will hopefully have enough money to pay for the shit i play
    i might even actually do it and buy legal copies of the things, maybe even those i've already finished playing, when i have that kind of money
    but today is not that day

  36. Just saying, you buying disks/cartridges not from official retailers is also kind of piracy. After all, Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft don't get any penny from you

  37. Well I already pirated jstars vs+, dragon ball xenoverse, tetris, and destiny on my jailbroken ps3 with pkgi sooo….

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