Pirating Video Games

what will we do with the drunken G A M E R

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  1. I'd recommend watching Nerrel's discussions on this topic.

  2. This was one of your best. Happy to see you back Tom

  3. WOW those editing skills keep it up bro and you'll be 100k in no time

  4. My (least) favorite aspect of anti-piracy is DRM. Developers add software to a game that makes legal copies run like shit and which get cracked soon anyway.

  5. Why you gotta pick on my boi Demon's Crest? 🙁

  6. Another great vid man. Keep it up! And glad my 5 bucks are well spent

  7. What was great about limewire was when one of the files was disguised as another. All of a sudden what you thought was pirates of the Caribbean is actually Pirates 2. Your stupid pop rock song is now some indie artist's disco track. It was this magical lottery.

  8. We will keep pirating games until Nintendo decides to release Gamecube Virtual Console on Wii U!

  9. Guilt is a pretty good anti-piracy measure. If you play an excellent game you're gonna feel bad for not buying it. (I'm talking about more modern games of course.)

    Edit: I left out a closing bracket and my comment looked bad so I fixed it. But alas now I bare the shame of (edited).

  10. Sometimes when a man gets dumped all he wants to do is get drunk and play Yu-Gi-Oh for 13 hours…

    Tom, I'm feeling personally attacked right now.


  11. I feel like you represented both sides of the argument on piracy without making either sound like strawman arguments. I love hearing you talk about your own experiences with the topic also.

  12. That limewire reference hit me where I live.

  13. I'm on my lifequest buying every single game I pirated as a kid

  14. Piracy I would never

    (laughs in Silent Hill soundtracks)

  15. I'd consider pirating games as having an "extended demo" of sorts. There are hundredths of games I've downloaded only to find out its just not my thing and then I stop playing. Thankfully pirating eliminates this issue but just make sure you buy the game after realizing you like it.

  16. Amazing video. I'm going to pirate it and put it on my channel

  17. Thomas Jefferson Obama Reagan.
    You were named after three presidents of the United States, and one of them was the bravest pirate I ever knew.
    If you turn out to be a pirate, then the pirates will have gained an excellent youtuber, won't they?

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