Pittsburgh Pirates My FIRST MLB Game Experience – PNC Park

Everyone knows that song “Take me out to the Ball game”, but not everyone has been to a Major League Baseball game, including myself, but today that changes. Most people who know me know that I’m not a sports guy, but I have gone to Minor League games several times and always enjoyed myself. But before this game actually happens, we need to travel back in time.
This takes us back to Pittsburgh 2021 when Matt & myself were visiting and thought it would be a fun experience to see a Pittsburgh Pirates game. Fast forward to September 2022, we are headed to PNC Park to experience our first Pittsburgh Pirates Game. Now although Matt has been to MLB games, this was a first of many for me. My first MLB Game, first time at PNC Park, first time seeing the Pirates play in person, & my first time being on the Jumbo Tron (you’ll have to watch to see how that came about). Despite a small crowd and chilly conditions, I couldn’t of asked for a better time at my first MLB game in Downtown Pittsburgh. Make sure to check out the video from @mattPG78 to see his take on the game.

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  1. If you do this again please actually show the process of entering in the ballpark. How much time did it take to get through the gate?

  2. hi JP ur Blessed ur full of surprises so Much More to do in Pennsylvania as said,, u will be n Heaven tonight,,, I really Hope u get More Thumbs Up Irish Brian may not watch all of it

  3. Cool experience JP! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Spent time at the Vet in Philly watching the Phillies play. It is a different experience watching a game in person as opposed to watching it on TV. Lots of good memories. One time I was there with a group of friends and we were watching warm ups. One of the players from the other team ran like a duck (hey, we were in high school) and we were laughing about it. He obviously didn't hear why we were watching him and laughing because he came over and threw a ball up to me. That was over 40 years ago. Now I am wondering if I still have it in a box. I don't remember seeing it after my last move.

    Glad you had a good time at your first game. I'm not sure if an empty stadium is the best way to experience it. I'm sure it was better for making the video. You should try a Phillies game next season.

  5. Thanks JP for having us along for MLB game I am like you never been to MLB game great video thanks

  6. Go Pirates! 🏴‍☠️ you need to get a Pirates hat Jay!

  7. How awesome! So cool you got to go for the first time! I have never been to a MBL game. Went to a concert at Heinz Field a couple years ago. (They changed the name to I don't know) Thank you for sharing this and thank you to Matt for taking you! 💙 (Oh and you can use the gloves and since its a P as in JP…..)

  8. JP pirates ball park is one of the best

  9. I have been to a few St. Louis games in the full excitement of summer. It’s definitely a blast with all the activities of the crowd!! Once I was so wrapped up in the crowd, when I turned to the game, we were in the third inning!!⚾️🧢🏟😂😂💖⚾️💙

  10. Thank you for sharing bruh….🥰🥰

  11. PNC Park is a beautiful and awesome ballpark…i loved going to games, even when the Pirates stink…which was almost always…lol

  12. You’re in one of the most beautiful parks in baseball. Nothing beats a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The oldest park in baseball. Circa 1912. I’m a Braves fan. Looks like you had a good seat.

  13. Primanti bros is the best value as prices are the same as in thier restaurants, not inflated!

  14. What an awesome first-time experience for you! That was so great of Matt to treat you to the game. Yes, I have been to a few Minnesota Twins games and it's always fun, and yes, the food and drinks are a little spendy, but it's worth it, because like you said it's all about the experience for sure. Food looked really good though! So cool that you guys were on the jumbotron, and that you were able to get upgraded seats! Very neat hat and gloves too! Glad you had a fun time JP! Great video, thank you!

  15. I’ve been to Three Rivers Stadium for a few Pirates games, then PNC Park, and after I got married, my soon to be ex husband is a Cleveland fan, so I’ve been to Progressive Field for the former Indians, now Guardians games. My favorite team is the Pirates, so I enjoyed this video.

  16. Wow, you had a great night!!! Thats really awesome!

  17. Used to go to 3 rivers stadium back in the day. Big time fan.

  18. That was fun ….the bobble head , the JumboTron , the "performance" for free Chik-filet 😊 ..all great fun..Would loved to have been there ..Thank you and Matt for an experience I will never have in person ..Great video ..Go Pirates !

  19. JP, I live about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh and was a season ticket holder for seven years but gave them up a few years back. If you ever go to another game try sitting in the upper level. Sections 315, 316, 317 are the best. Our seats were in front row section 317. Fantastic views of city, river, and field. You won't be disappointed. Go early to a Zambelli fireworks night and you will love that view day into night!

  20. Looks like great fun!!! What an awesome experience! Thank you for taking me along!!!

  21. JP and Matt jumbo tron superstars!! Hope you guys got your free chicken sandwich!! Baseball is so much better in person 👍🏻 I’ve been to a lot of Cleveland Indians games in my lifetime. Thanks for sharing guys 🙌🏻✌🏻

  22. I love quaker stake an lube's wings ours went out business

  23. I'm more into hockey pens baby..but they lost tonight it sucks..

  24. Great that you finally got too go to a game. I miss going to the games with my Dad

  25. That's a great game .I like Kansas City Royals thank you for showing us that game showing us being back memories!

  26. I love the look Matt had when you said your not sports guy LOL! I have been to both NY Mets (which I'm a fan of) and Yankees games when I was a teenager it's such a great experience I went to 2 games of our local Semi pro team Lancaster Barnstormers who won the Atlantic League Championship 2022

  27. Dogers are the best team in the league and the food there is great and snacks and drinks to and stadium to in Los Angeles your friend Betsy

  28. lol that freeze frame though.. This was a great experience indeed. I'm definitely up for going to another game next year.

  29. i have been to a few stadiums and had different experiences. i hate Fenway Park, which is sacrilege as a local but after 32 years of seeing games there in multiple variations of the park it just isn’t a good place. I loved Shea Stadium, old Yankee Stadium, and Chase Field: they were nice places with good views and decent action.

    PNC is on my bucket list, along with Citizens, Nationals, and AT&T parks.

  30. I'm late to the game ( pun intended) but I'm glad you had a good time. I grew up in So. California so I've attended tons of Angels games. Back then you could get a field level seat along the third base line for $7. Here in FL we have the minor league team for the Reds and sometimes I can get a couple of the grandkids to go to a game with me. One of my favorite memories of a game is at Dodger stadium. They were playing the Padres and it was the year Gaylord Perry was retiring. He threw one of his famous spitballs. My other favorite teams are the Mets and the Cubs.

  31. i;m surprise i thought the quaker stake and lube company went out of business . all the ones in new york state are gone . i love chick fil a …my fav….cool video …..

  32. my pirate games were at 3 rivers stadium and when i was like 7-8 years old Forbes field, both stadiums long gone. I don't go to games anymore, they just cost way too much for me

  33. Glad you enjoyed your time at PNC Park!! Loved to listen to the Pirates on the radio with my grandpap but nothing like going to a game! Miss Three Rivers Stadium but PNC is so nice!

  34. Matt picked a great stadium it is ranked one of the best

  35. Its a LONG WAY to the BEER STAND and the Restroom (@@)……… !!!!!! LOL !!!!!! Gotta Semperparatus !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Many yrs ago when I lived in jersey once in awhile wed go to Philly to see a ballgame. It was so much fun vs seeing it on tv.

  37. I’ve been to Camden Yards in Bawlmer. Racing pierogies, that’s funny! The Nats have the Racing Presidents here in DC!

  38. Awesome! My first was back in 91ish at Baltimore Memorial stadium . Dont really remember much of it. Last las sept 4 2021 went to my 2nd one in Yankee stadium vs the Baltimore on the Birthday what a blast that was seeing my Os beat them in person on my BD! I also had club seats!

  39. What a cool experience to have…Awesome! ✌

  40. That was a fun time…I enjoyed watching it…thank you for bringing us along…

  41. I'm glad they are bringing back the digital scoreboard in right field, instead of using it as an advertisement board, which looked stupid.

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