PIXEL PIRACY – A Pirate Themed 2D Rogue-Like! [Alpha] – Indie Game Spotlight

Pixel Piracy is a side-scrolling 2d, pirate roguelike-like game created by indie developer Vitali Kirpu and helped partially by known Manager Alexander Poysky.

In the game, the player controls the crew of a pirate ship. The player must sail the ship over a number of sea zones, each with procedurally generated events in a roguelike fashion, while facing pirates and other hostile forces, recruiting new crew members, keeping discipline, outfitting, upgrading ship and more.

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Intro Music: Gramatik : Hit That Jive
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  1. This has probably been pointed out to you already, but you died at the start because your captain starved to death 🙁

  2. the wood fences keep ur ppl from falling it osnt a glitch when u die on the bout

  3. Hey guys check out this awesome little indie I found called Pixel Piracy. It's an awesome free pirate themed  2d Rogue-like. 

  4. this would be a great lets play for you to do

  5. for anyone confused. Demo is currently being patched and unable to be downloaded, check back tonight.

  6. I was actually playing this yesterday thinking you should make a vid for it haha

  7. It looks great! I'm gonna get it! Thanks man!

  8. This is EXACTLY the kind of game that devours entire days. Good think I'm off tomorrow.

  9. Tetra Herb is consumable btw, just buggy abit in this version 😛

  10. Did you realize that your first death was from a lack of hunger? It'd be great if we didn't lose hunger while in towns.

  11. Looks interesting, I'll have a look into it.. might even make my channel

  12. Sea shanty is a pirates way of saying do you know any sea songs 🙂

  13. you starved to death it wasn't a glitch

  14. Ахах привет от россии ))

  15. эту игру сделал русский чел

  16. Hmm… I think this game is a Rogue-Lite … But it's awesome …

  17. that first death was because you starved to death

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