Playing A New One Piece Game on Roblox! (Pirates Dream)

Playing A New One Piece Game on Roblox! (Pirates Dream)

We play a NEW One Piece Roblox Game and it might be one of the best one piece roblox games to release! This Roblox One Piece Game just released so it’s a new one piece game on roblox. This one piece game has awesome devil fruits, sword styles, and more. It even has lots of bosses that give drops and stuff!

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  1. My fav part was when you went swimming across the river to talk to zoro

  2. Bro ozqob me and my brother just played that game yesterday

  3. pls make another vid about this game and is it true can we now play that game i waited very long that i can finally. play it and nice vid and the bosses loook sick

  4. Bro when I searched pirate dream the game loooked nothin like this


  6. The game will get attention when they fix everything like mobile equipping and morw

  7. Sorry for not making it to every video but the ones I do make it to a bangers keep it up❤

  8. The one sword style moves look kinda like the lightning breathing from project slayer

  9. Pls do a Trying to get a fruit in Pirates Dream

  10. Yo Ozqob some guy said that you where him and he said that you or him where on a alt account the account was name was error on Blox fruits was it actually you?? Pls tell me tell me and the time was like 12 sharp or 11 pm something a so yea

  11. hey oz! why dont you play A one piece game ? it got a snake man

  12. amma rate it 5/10 it still have bug and lag so for me its good but they need to fix it

  13. Hey cam you help me in blox fruits i wans be max lvl

  14. This was very fun to watch I'll give the game a try nice to see u post as usual 🙂 W YouTuber

  15. when you play a one piece game on roblox again can you help me get to good

  16. also keep up the good work i support your videos you are my favorite youtuber ever

  17. I like the vid but game sucks and its literally the same as project slayers

  18. it looks like demonfall and project slayer but one piece

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