Playing A New One Piece Game on Roblox! (Pirates Dream)

Playing A New One Piece Game on Roblox! (Pirates Dream)

We play a NEW One Piece Roblox Game and it might be one of the best one piece roblox games to release! This Roblox One Piece Game just released so it’s a new one piece game on roblox. This one piece game has awesome devil fruits, sword styles, and more. It even has lots of bosses that give drops and stuff!

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  1. I got g4 and I have killed snake man over 200times I fr can’t get the scroll drop

  2. Hi (I just refresh the comments because it was only mine and then BOOM!)

  3. Your my favorite YouTuber i love all your videos

  4. I really hope it's not as bad as blox fruits bc 🧟‍♂️🧠☠👍🗿🤓 ppl be like blox fruit is peak 😑 oh really 🤣😑

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