Playing NES Pirate Games from China!

There are HUNDREDS of Chinese Unlicensed / Pirate games for the original Nintendo Entertainment System! I played several here and some of them are surprisingly good!

Games Featured
0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Auto-Upturn
0:50 – Chik Bik Ji Jin
1:37 – Decathlon
2:11 – FIFA Soccer ’97
2:50 – Fighting Hero
3:28 – Final Fight 3
4:55 – Final Combat
5:32 – Fire Dragon
5:58 – Gaiapolis
7:15 – Jurassic Boy 2
7:54 – Kart Fighter
8:57 – Magic Cube
9:42 – Ultimate Mortal Kombat (MK5)
10:49 – Pikachu Tetris
11:46 – Sea of Dreamland
12:13 – Street Fighter III
13:50 – Super Donkey Kong 2
14:34 – Super Pang II
15:17 – Titanic
16:19 – Tomb Raider
16:57 – World Hero
17:33 – Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final
18:03 – Thunderbolt Fighting Plane
18:53 – Thanks for Watching!

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  1. 2nd game is a port of Warriors of Fate arcade. Looks really good too

  2. I wanted to like the SF 3 game, but I thought it was really difficult

  3. Ha, ha! It was some much fun to watch this. Awesome video! I played the Jackie Chan Hack a month ago and it was pretty cool. Some of these are not too bad.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. The second game "Chik Bik Ji Jin" is basically an NES port of the Capcom arcade game "Warrior of Fate" (Tenchu Wo Kurau), a game based on the Three Kingdom in the Japanese version but Internationally they changed the characters into Mongolians.

    Game number 21 the one with the "Final" is Yu Yu Hakusho Final, a Japanese comic that was popular in the 90's and there was alot of Super Nintendo games based on that comic that become pretty successful in Japan but never released outside of Japan.

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