Playing Nintendo Switch Games FOR FREE?!?! (NOT PIRACY)

Again I need to make this clear, as far as I know, this is legal. If it wasn’t, i’d assume that Twitch would have this stuff taken down.

Check out the TwitchPlaysConsoles Channel:

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  1. People that create this stuff blows my mind man haha. Crazy what people are capable of!

  2. If the stream is laggy on your end, try using Microsoft edge.

  3. I don’t believe this because you’re a weenie

  4. TL;DW It's Just YTPlays Go Sub To Them.

  5. I believe it’s called

    P L A Y I N G T H E D E M O

  6. Thanks now I will play a lot of games I don’t have

  7. Also tho is cool because you can play Nintendo switch games with an Xbox One controller! Even though there are some adapters I guess

  8. My Xbox 360 controller isn't working, even after I enabled controller controls. Help, anyone?

  9. i cant get games on nintendo all i have is pokemon quest i also have to do a password to enter eshop

  10. Shoutouts to youtubeplays, the best channel on YouTube

  11. This could convince people on the fence to buy a Switch or certain games if there isn’t a demo available. This is pretty cool!

  12. Wait so this is kinda like what Google is doing with Stadia right

  13. I wonder if I could set up a Nintendo switch renting service?

    Obviously would be local, $1 a day per person, and physical games.

    Not only would that be cheaper per person, but with online saves it would actually work.

    Like they would have to log into there and then head account get their saves.

    Or if you have a switch I could stream PC games, now that's good.

  14. can we get another video with more imfo i cant find anything

  15. Why is it that when I go to sign into YouTube plays, it wants full access to my YouTube account? Like full control to delete videos and moderate my whole account?

  16. I didn’t say anything but google yuzu.

  17. what if someone buys the joy cons and just plays like this

  18. Wait… You Got That Power And it’s Sour OH MY GOD IM A RAPPER

  19. how to play it without joystick

  20. would you can give the website on link or comment i cant find it

  21. Cant find the link. Can u just send me the link?

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