POLYGON Pirates Pack – (Trailer) 3D Low Poly Art for Games by #SyntyStudios

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  1. Saw your assets in the Poepeye Switch game. Your assets deserved better

  2. english captain is my favorite character

  3. Dose it come with a chater contler so i can move around and stuff

  4. is that background music available for purchase anywhere?

  5. The same pack used in the Popeye game by Sabec! =D

  6. Is this pack or the samurai pack going to be on Unreal engine 4?

  7. I would die to get tutorials for this kinda stuff

  8. AC 4 polygon edition, it looks so good, just going to go look the price

  9. This needs rigged models
    Edit: i know you can use the models for the basic ue4 skeleton, but I have no actual talent in that area

  10. Hi guys, great job! What kind of material/shader are you using for the assets?

  11. Good asset 🙂 I'm creating a new TPS pirate game 😉

  12. I need it for unreal engine 4 ! But i'm just a student who don't have money :'(

  13. Is it possible to have this beautiful pack for free? Being a student I do not have enough to buy and yet I would love to have him to train me (For Unreal engine 4)

  14. Will someone please do a tutorial on how I can set these up in UE4 with animations and skeleton?

  15. Quick question if I buy this pack can I make a game and send it to play store

  16. I was thinking of making a game where you play as a slave and become a pirate so this will help

  17. Hey are you using different skeletons among your packs?
    Animations retargeted to the vikings skeleton don't work in the pirates one.

  18. What's the title of the soundtrack?

  19. Could someone tell me if the models are already working? Like I choose a weapon from this package, is it already programmed?

  20. Sad that is pack never got the love of additional interior.

  21. Who's here because of Rerez's review on Popeye for Nintendo Switch?

  22. Почему такое говно Ютюб не удаляет?

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