Rangers vs. Pirates Game Highlights (5/23/23) | MLB Highlights

Rangers vs. Pirates full game highlights from 5/23/23, presented by @WoodbridgeWines

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  1. Nice call blue. 1st one i thought he paused long enough at setup. 2nd balk good try. BucO making small mistakes thru out series. They need old timer pro to help. I'm about tired of helping the Cards but $$$ talks and I'm limited on time left.

  2. i was just waiting for springer to hit for the cicle.

  3. Now let’s win the series tmr and get ready for the Orioles series

  4. if the rangers didnt have the bullpen of a double a team they would break the single season win record

  5. if rangers had a decent bullpen they would be 35-13

  6. The Bullpen can't screw up the game if they don't play.

  7. Nathan Eovaldi is a beast…………Go Rangers 2023

  8. That’s alright the pirates even look good losing

  9. The Rangers have overtaken the Rays for the best run differential in baseball.

  10. A complete game is a rare feat in this era. Extremely well-done.

  11. The Rangers keys to victory

    1. Don’t let the bullpen pitch

  12. Rangers have to send Jonah heim down. He can't hit smh, I'm done with his poor performance

  13. Amazingly well done by Nate on the bump tonight! Great job by Bochy letting Eovaldi ride💪😎👍
    The boys poured in plenty to get the dub!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  14. Eovaldi is putting up ace like numbers. What a pickup by the Rangers.

  15. Jung, Garcia, Seager, Simeon, and Duran are a nightmare to deal with in the top half of the lineup. 😮

  16. Eovaldi pitched a 9 inning ringer, let's gooooo!

  17. Nathan Eovaldi reminds me of such horses as Halladay and Randy Johnson.
    Nothing beats complete game, these types of performance get you win almost every time.

  18. Nathan Eovaldi hands down best signing the rangers made this offseason

  19. Texas a éclaté les Yankees à New-York, c'est donc une victoire plus que logique je ne suis pas étonné ☑️
    Tequila pour tout le monde c'est moi qui paye ma tournée 🥂) :

  20. The Texas Rangers are 30-18🔵⚪️🔴🐂🤟

  21. eovaldi has been giant for the rangers this year, really comfortable with the whole starting rotation even with degrom out.

  22. Vaya revancha de Texas, los Pirates han cometido muchos errores en éste partido, buen trabajo de los bateadores y del lanzador Eovaldi. Lets go Rangers!!!! 🇺🇲🤠

  23. The STRANGERS don't have any world series trophies, and that won't change anytime soon! Lmao! 🖕😂🖕

  24. Eovaldi looking like prime Boston Nathan.

  25. Corey Seager and the Texas Rangers wins another ballgame over Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates, nicely done! ⚾🔵🔴⚪🤠

  26. It feels like I’m watching the Rangers of 2010! This is amazing!

  27. It seems the outfielders are having trouble locating the ball.

  28. I know it ended up not mattering but the first base umpire calling the first Pirates balk was totally not a balk. The second one I can somewhat see why they called the balk but my original understanding of a balk was if a pitcher faked throwing the ball over to first, second, or third without actually throwing it there. I wasn't aware fake throwing to home and then throwing the ball to first was considered a balk. I could have sworn I've seen pitchers pick runners off that way in the past and it was legal, was there a recent rule change?

  29. Can someone give me just one good reason why Rich Hill is pitching in the majors?

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