Ranking Every One Piece Pirate Warriors Game From Worst To Best! (Top 4)

Ranking the 4 pirate warriors games in the long running one piece series! Enjoy!

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  1. I originally got in 2 one piece through the dynasty warriors games. It condensed the story and fed it 2 me beautifully

  2. Mind melt lol love the video bro….same page

  3. Tell me you know nothing about One Piece or Warriors games without telling me you don't know anything about One Piece or Warriors games.

  4. I can't respect that opinion man looks like you've played 10 minutes of every game damn💀💀💀

  5. Literally robloxs is better just play grand peice online 😂

  6. I love the third most and the fourth to but third more and fourth is second best and then fist game third best and second one least and last best hate it the most.

  7. To me I think 3rd pirate warrior game is best since that was first game I played of the one piece warriors games. Anytime I play 3rdcgame I skip over story mode and go to l the dream mode

  8. Watched the whole vid for him to say he hasn't even watched one piece 😂😭

  9. pw 4 is my fav by so far but my favorite dynasti warriors games is… dw4

  10. The series has only been going on for just over 20 years not 30, great video tho

  11. I would put Pirate Warriors 3 above of 4 just cause of the content. OPPW3 Dream log should've continued to OPPW4, 4 has low replay value compared to 3, and that's a huge factor for me. OPPW4 is obviously superior to OPPW3 but the lack of content really hurts one side.

  12. You actually just saved me from wasting my money on pw3, thank you

  13. The only thing I like in PW4 is the gameplay and the background, nothing more, the cutscenes, texture of characters, details, more arcks, the voice acting, the missions (where you could side with whenever army you liked, in PW4 you can't do that) is better in PW3. I really don't like the new texture of the characters, they look like plastic most of the time, while in PW3, their skins look tough, also more details on muscle and "that" part on females. And yes the cutscenes have more effects in PW4 but that it, I mentioned that I didn't liked the new texture?

  14. I'd say the main thing that hurts PW4 is the lack of content in comparison to PW3, specifically the missing characters that got a mention but that's it.

    PW1 is more an exploration game that uses DW mechanics, it doesn't help that Luffy is pretty much the only fleshed out character and the rest are just sorta okay with Whitebeard being just sorta there as a nice reward.

    PW2 plays so much better than PW1 that you can honestly just skip PW1, even with the okay story mode it's still much more fun than PW2.

    PW3 feels like they've tried to combine the storytelling of PW1 (to the point of reusing cutscenes for arcs they'd already covered those arcs) and the better gameplay of PW2, so if you're looking for a One Piece PW game that is the closest to "classic" DW I'd say PW3 is still worth playing.

  15. If you want the One Piece Pirate warriors game that is going to be the best content for your hard earned cash. Then I would highly suggest Pirate Warriors 3.
    As that game covers a lot of ground in terms of story, character selection, and replay value.
    If your looking for a One Piece game that feels like Warriors Orochi, pick up Pirate warriors 4,just skip the base and get the deluxe version you will thank me later.

  16. is one piece pirate warriors 2 good game i want to buy to play it on ps3

  17. So he's just listing them in order and talking about the bad and sometimes good about them

  18. Pirate warriors 3: has Bartholomew Kuma
    Pirate warriors 4: doesn't 😭

  19. PW3 is hands down the best of these 4. PW4 is new and of course it's nice to have newer characters, but for all the new stuff they took away or straight ruined a bunch of other stuff. Sky combat didn't even add anything that having T combo strings didn't already do but better, and they extended certain characters move sets to compensate but lowered others crippling their move lists, especially for characters that have no aerial combat. While I do like the way special forms and ultimate moves were handled in PW4, the rest of the combat is floaty and lack luster. There was also a stunning lack of content, it took me about 1/4 the time to 100% PW4 than it did for PW3, and the removal of nightmare log was a big loss.

    PW3 was as tight as it could get and I wish they hadn't tried to reinvent the gameplay in the first place.

  20. I only played 3 and 4 and only beat 4, 4 was great

  21. 0:29 i like when you said "BIG" the cutscene panned over to Nami's bags

  22. Look pirate warriors 4 is good only for big moms and kaido arc

  23. in my opinion i like the most is pirate warriors 3. because it got enel and perona, and mostly it has a support feature that you can select characters that are available to support. but 4 is good too but no support and no enel and perona, i like the arcs and so as the new characters that are playable (even tho i beat 4. 3 is kinda fun is also kinda hard so maybe i will beat the game)

  24. I agree with OPPW4, I played it and I was hooked immediately! My anime game days were left behind in the PS2 era but I gave the game a try and liked it. After that I went backwards and played OPPW3, which was a bad idea because the Steam port for the PC was awful. The camera turning was almost nonexistend and some of the Xbox One controller inputs weren't even responding. The settings was overwhelming with the added Kizuna attack made the game confusing. I liked the simplicity of 4 better, and it was a plug and play game, I didn't have to change any settings. I read on Steam guides that you needed a third party software just to make OPPW3 work fully on controller which is crazy. Anyways, I really care about completing games so I sucked it up and tried playing the game a bit each day. Again, very clunky game on PC would not reccomend, but I do recommend OPP4!

  25. I can only buy 1 so I’ll get PW4, I’m in the wano arc right now so story telling shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks nice top

  26. Chopper is clearly b if not a tier. You just need to know how to use him

  27. 30 years??? Nah I’m not 30 yet… the manga came out in 1997 the same year as me, were 25 😜

  28. I know you probably won't see this but just wanted to ask if you liked the game play of dynasty Gundam 2 game I always thought it was my favorite of any warriors game just wanted to hear you likes or dislike on it

  29. I personally loved Pirate Warriors 1 for its unique gameplay style and mechanics, but yeah, I can definitely see why most don’t lol. Honestly, my biggest complaint with the first game is the frame-rate on actual PS3 hardware. Anyways, awesome video! I like all four games tbh 😊

  30. the fact that he hasnt watched one piece but is still having fun with this game really says something about pirate warriors and how good it is

  31. I spent 592hours on OPPW3 on PC using keyboard and no problem at all
    Guess everyone had their own taste eh? You hate it so much yet me or other people just enjoying it without any kind of problem

  32. I like the new skill set system they introduced in 4 cause they have so many different moves and then being restricted to a combo or not even being in the game is pretty boring, also it’s a thing that makes pirate warriors different

  33. Why does he think one piece came out at the same time dragonball did

  34. For one piece fans, please try the pirate warriors 1, for a dynasty warriors fan… play dynasty warriors. 🙂
    I hate the other games, because they became closer to dynasty warriors…

  35. “Well over 30 years” it’s not even 30 yet

  36. anyone that thinks pw3 is better outside of content is just wrong lol. combat wise (the most important part) pw4 is much better

  37. Just got 3 and 4 on switch because they are 85% of. They look and perform great on the OLED. Great pickup!

  38. warrior-like genre is not my type. not enjoying beating a ton of enemies (1 vs 1000)

  39. this game is a good way to relive the anime series, im down for it

  40. where is the best place to play 1 & 2? steam doesnt have them for some reason

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