Ranking Every One Piece Pirate Warriors Game From Worst To Best! (Top 4)

Ranking the 4 pirate warriors games in the long running one piece series! Enjoy!

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  1. 1 & 2 were pretty much alpha version, I had so much fun with PW3 but some characters were way too powerful. PW4 may getting some hate but it was clearly an upgrade despise the missing key characters and copy and paste units but new upgraded special ability were great

  2. I disagree with this list so much. Not even the ranking, just the reasoning behind each game lol You really seem to dislike so much about these games to rank them in the first place.

  3. You should watch one piece! So amazing and will really make you appreciate the characters in the games!

  4. kaizoku musou 2 is by far the best of the series.no hero mode bs every single strong enemy, no stupid shild gauge just to do actual damage, you could choose your partner from the very start for example teaming up as chopper and perona or zoro and tashigi, in the awakening mode you can even walk with your supported character, 3 had this weird kizuna mode thats just a special move with the annoying money effect, its also quite a drag to fill that gauge, 4 doesnt even have a support character system, its just a "hit down the shield and keep mashing and keep moving" 2 was just way better executed gameplay wise, you could actually fight people who ACTUALLY fights back instead of just staying there for you just to mash at them and it had its own unique story.if i had to rank. 2 > 3 > 4 > 1

  5. I tired pirate warriors 4 and I had only watched up to alabasta before but it inspired me to get back into it . I put the game down after alabasta on oppw4 but now that I’m at wano in the anime I’m finally giving it a proper go !

  6. appreciate this, helpful as someone getting into these games

  7. PW3 & PW4 are worth playing.honestly I’d say if you combined3&4’s games into one it would be the ultimate.

  8. I hate PW 4 for being like that. 1. Cut the Episodes like Skypia, Punk Hazard, Impel Down, Thriller Bark2. Cut the Charakteres out of the Game like Magelan, Enel, Perona, Kuma. 3. Cut the Attacks with the Buttons like PW 2 and make it like Spezial Moves. Thats shit.4. This shit Shild broke mehanic is shit. I hate it so much for the Enemies.5. More and More Money for DLC Charakter, thats shit shit shit. And we can not Play as Pica or Jack how also is in this shit Game but 5 Charakter of the Germa 66 ?6. Where is King and Queen for Wano Kuni? Why the Hack is Perospero in Game but we cant play him? Why the hack is Charlotte Smoothie as a DLC?7. Why we need to pay every time for a game thats Finished, for Shit DLC´s?8. Why this game dont have any good Online Missions?9. I hate this PW 4 Game so much, i hope they make a IF Story like PW 2 without DLC´s in PW 5.

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