Ranking the TOP Roblox Pirate Games to Play! (JUNE 2021) πŸ’€βš”οΈ

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In Todays video you will see the Top Roblox Pirate Games to play in June 2021!
You want to play the best Pirate Games in Roblox this Month?! Here you got them! Share this with your Roblox Friends so EVERYBODY OF YOU Can play the best Pirate Games..
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  1. nr 5 is bugged due to getting no updates/roblox updates

  2. Some other cool pirate games on Roblox:The Turbulent SeasDeveloped by RawEggTheGreatIX, this is a navy genre game where you can play as a merchant or a pirate sailing the seas in the pre-19th century era. As a merchant you can trade goods (Like iron, copper, fur, flour, bread, sea biscuits, dried berries) by buying barrels of goods at one port, loading them on your ship, sailing to another port and selling your barrels there for profit. While as a pirate you can attack merchant ships, steal their barrels and sell them at pirate outposts for profit. You can craft weapons, cannons, magazines, ammo and other tools to use in combat with pirates or merchants. You can also repaint or add decorations on your ships. You can team up with other merchants or pirates on the server by inviting them to your crew and sailing together on the same ship. There are factions and navies you can join on Discord servers. The game is very realistic with a huge map, great ocean physics, and the ship models are based on sailing ships from real life (With working sails and anchors.) The game has both PC and mobile support, and runs smoothly even on low-end devices. The famous YouTuber known as sebee made a video playing this game in 2021. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/6wTLC6tkKjoPirate ClashDeveloped by Yellow Gearworks, this is a pirate PvP battle game with 2 teams (Red and Blue), 8 players in each. Each team has one ship to control. The main objective of both teams is to completely destroy and sink the enemy's ship. The game is very satisfying to play because you get to make holes in the enemy's ship with cannon shots, destroying it piece by piece. The team whose ship gets destroyed loses the fight and the other wins. Then the next battle begins in another map voted by the players. There are achievements, daily login rewards and titles you can earn by progressing in the game. The game has both PC and mobile support, and runs smoothly even on low-end devices.

  3. bro Pirates fray is awesome and soo underrated ikr

  4. Pirates tale was broken and nobody plays it anymlre

  5. I miss the good times when Pirate Simulator was the king lol

  6. He didn’t include The Turbulent Seas

  7. imagine using other youtuber's recordings without telling anyone, first one, DVPlays

  8. Number 6 should be the wild seas by starboard studies it is not out yet sadly

  9. here is another good one for you guys: The Turbulent Seas
    ur welcome πŸ™‚

  10. umm pirates fray actually died very popular game before is die now

  11. How does pirates fray have less then 100 people playing it?!! It deserves at least 1000. I’ve seen Roblox games with 5k that were the equivalent to dog crap

  12. Turbulent sea is a good one you should check out

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