Re-Logic’s FAILED pirate game is ACTUALLY FUN?!

While Re-Logic is best KNOWN for the release of Terraria, they also published PIXEL PIRACY… which soon failed rather miserably and was forever forgotten… khem, khem… BUT MATTERS IT NOT as Timmy wipes his lips from mother’s milk to sail and TEST the waters BY HIMSELF… Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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  2. Eternal memory of one-eyed Timmy. Although it was funny to look at the "gorgeous" elaborate battles)

  3. i played it and skilled dodge to 100%
    ez win

  4. Your videos are so underrated what. How do you do your animations they are so good? Do you do draw your own sprites or do you rig characters ? Please share your secretes, awesome video

  5. I never knew that re logic made this game, it looks hella fun, thanks for letting me know!, amazing vid as always πŸ™‚ (176th)

  6. I own this game on PS4. It was kinda buggy.

  7. In the intro, if the coin was moving in slow motion, why didn't Timmy's balloon also move slowly?

  8. Game looks hella janky but I'm convinced Svings could make any game look fun. ✨

  9. 7:07 perhaps show those sharks who the best bait is?
    And now, a famous Terraria death message can be written down for him. "Timmy is sleeping with the fish" :(((

  10. That's better than I thought

    also πŸ™‚ sea of thieves music

  11. I'd like to imagine this is where the pirate invasions come from… actually that's probably exactly where they come from… They did do a crossover with this game so…

  12. I used to play this on xbox but it had major bugs.
    Sometimes if you blew up a ship it would freeze and normally corrupt your save.
    And then if you saved and exited if you went back on the game it would sometimes delete your save.

    Apart from that it was pretty fun.

  13. lol tlemmy crew pirate but is fun i wanna try it the game

  14. I have something to discuss…


  15. Now i actually want to play itπŸ’€

  16. Wait sec This is like my dream i think is not real but actually real game

    And i think this game is best in my past

  17. I REMEMBER THIS GAME! I never played it my self, but I watched it be played s lot, it's so fun looking.

  18. I know not many people notice but I appreciate the handmade subtitles

  19. i've complete the game and it's so fun to play

  20. 6:35 The way you said 'TTTiiimmmmmmyyy dddiiieeeddd' made me bust a freaking lung

  21. I love your videos man and the Quality and love you put into it. take your ages I’m guessing but I really enjoy it. do you build all those buildings you see in the terraria videos why do you do it and where did you learn to build like that and one last Question are you Swedish?

  22. Timmy died of scurvy, it’s a debut they get over time, he could have lived if you bought them fruit

  23. Who live in the pineapple under the sea
    Timmy strapped to an anvil

  24. Fun fact: when me and my uncle played starbound his character got the name timofei

  25. I had no idea re-logic was involved with this game haha. Its actually one of my favorites, wish it would have gotten more love.

  26. this game was fun but super unbalanced once you got enough pistols

  27. word to the wise: the game engine has a tough time with sails and flags, you can keep everything else, just dont put a sail or flag on your ship. you will get terrible lag if you do that makes you want to alt+f4 immediately, freshly tested as of this week up to today just now

  28. Fun fact the Devs have returned to this game

  29. I was looking for some gameplay to buy this game, now I lost all interest in it XD

  30. It wasn't made by them, also it's being updated now.

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