Reacting to Video Game Anti Piracy

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  1. You deserve more subs, ur high quality and everything i hope me subbing helps ^^

  2. What about the PS2's Anti Piracy screen including another Gamecube's Anti Piracy screen?

  3. I Made My Own Anti-Piracy Screen!

  4. Real anti piracy screens: just don't do this again please
    Fake anti piracy screens: TIME TO DIE

  5. Yeah i saw the SM64 anti save corruptor video and it scarred me for the week

  6. I want to enter power screen wants on Mario 3D Land it scared the absolute s*** out of me

  7. Damn nice video congrats on 369 subs wait I meant 370 btw the real anti piracy’s aren’t that scary sadly

  8. I kinda wish the spider man 1 piracy would kinda make the angel statue into Lucifer or a demon that would be creepy and cool

  9. 9:35 ok, that's not VERY scary…

  10. I know the Pepsi man one but it's so funny like somebody say Coca-Cola is too much

  11. https://

  12. If you want to know which anti-piracy screens are real, the Donkey Kong Country ones are real anti-piracy screens.

    The Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Gamecube, Sonic CD, Luigi's Mansion, Mario 64 & Superman 64 ones are fan made & fake.

    The same goes for the Windows XP one; a real pirated Windows XP works, but locks out the customisation settings (such as wallpaper), has a watermark & a prompt that says "You may be a victim of counterfeiting". I've seen videos of pirated Windows.

  13. Not only are the anti-privacy screens (the real ones), are interesting, but I'd also like to know how does a pirated copy know that it's a pirated copy? Anyone thought of that? Unless my dumb dumb monkey brain just isn't getting something

  14. _*.𝔠𝔯𝔬𝔰𝔰 𝔟𝔬𝔫𝔢𝔰.*_ says:

    U earned a subscriber! 🙂

  15. I also know Earthbound (known as Mother 2 in Japan) had an anti piracy where the game would give you harder enemies nearer the start of the game and the game would crash after the main villain turned off the nightmare machine

    There was also this other Spanish PC game that would repeatedly say 'PIRATA!' in the second area, getting lower in pitch until the game crashed and it would become unresponsive.

  16. Do u not know its fake not the earth bound anti privacy that's real

  17. That windows xp one was the most creepiest.😨😰

  18. i was just watching this playlist yesterday lol

    also the game developers aren't trying to scare a pirate, they want them to actually buy the game

    the sonic 2 one is fake i think btw

  19. was expecting Luigi mansion screen to be a bit worse considering it’s made by Nintendo and it’s a ghost game lol

  20. I thought the Luigi one in 16:08 was a puppet with green eyelids purple insides blue and black pupils light yellow skin sone hair a purple nose with a dark moss green mustache with dark blue tears and a ominous purple backround with some shadows on its face!
    idk that made it more terrifying

  21. I don’t watch anti piracy videos one by one I only watch reactions because they scare me alone

  22. This is Baby scary, i've seen stuff WAY more scary

  23. 9:45 I always hear this voice in trollege videos (horror story’s but everyone is a troll face)

  24. If I made one mines would be
    Hello….. The Cd You Insert Is pirated This is Illegal And You will be Punished Calling Police Now…. Say
    “Hello Police I have Bought a illegal Copy Of This game This is a Serious Crime I did And I Pirated it I will tell my Information now” Information:
    Then Happy screen pops up 🙂 Hello thanks for telling the police You pirated a Game Have fun in Jail

  25. It Scared The Shit Out Of Me 😱

  26. Improper: ''Hey there bud!'' Proper: ''Hey there, bud!''.

  27. It's is wrong to copy right a video game 🎮🎮 you well what behind bars

  28. quick thing, most of these ones on youtube are fake, it's become a trend to post fake anti piracy screens. so if one looks over exaugurated or too scary for a kids game, it most likely is fake and or edited. But there is one that seems canon: Nintendogs. A dog dies because you cannot cure his or her sickness, because the game is pirated. this may be edited aswell.

  29. How to tell if an anti piracy screen is fake: they put the vhs filter over it.

  30. 5:25 the text on the bottom says "Remember, only Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) would copy video games

  31. If I were to make an anti-piracy screen I would make it first scary then say it was a fake out into a developer commentary asking you to please return it or destroy it and just buy a legitimate copy so we can make more games that you enjoy something like that you know

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