reaction: SKULL & BONES gameplay trailer (Ubisoft Pirate Game)

Catching up on some pieces of today’s Skull & Bones mini-conference! This is not the full stream, I just watched a few isolated videos.

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  1. I feel like this game will be similar to sea of thieves and no man's sky where in the beginning it will be kind of a mediocre game but will get really cool updates and events that make it super fun.

  2. Wish it was Single player RPG a bit like Greed fall but Grounded in Reality. Ubisoft have such great settings for the games but they always miss the mark.

  3. I liked how it was in the beginning; pirates on the run after the fall of Nassau, only to start again on Madagascar and create their own pirate empire ; growing to trust their enemies more and themselves less until a new enemy forces them to join together once again.

    I'm willing to give this game a shot (if PS5 EVER becomes available for purchase) but if Ubisoft intends to provide content for years to come, then they need to stop limiting themselves when it comes to pirates. No boarding combat? No mythological creatures like the Kraken, mermaids or sea serpents? No historic figures like Olivier Levasseur, Ned Low and others?

    If Ubisoft wants this game to be successful, they are going to need all of this and more. Including:
    -Traveling to other ports, such as Nassau, London, Havana, Charleston, Portugal, etc, and sneaking around the ports avoiding patrols in order to meet with corrupt officials willing to engage in smuggling trade and commerce with the pirates and create even more riches flowing into Madagascar.
    -Being able to dive for loot and upgrades hidden within wrecks.
    -New ships, such as the Chinese junk and the galleys/xebecs used by Barbary Corsairs.
    -The Bermuda Triangle could make an appearance as a DLC map; where the players experience a Cthulhu type realm where time is in complete chaos. They need to navigate and fight their way out as they witness strange events; gaping holes that appear in the ocean ready to swallow them whole, UFOs, sea monsters, glowing mists, ghost ships, and phantoms of future lost craft, such as the Cyclops and Flight 19.
    -An armada of ships full of crused souls like the Flying Dutchman. If the game focuses on fleets, this could be an opportunity to have a massive fleet battle like we never got in Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End.

  4. They should have just made a black flag 2 idiots

  5. It’s a Ubisoft game. That’s all you need to know with their launches. You can kinda guess what it might end up being, more or less, with familiar elements.

  6. I think what they have here looks rather fun, and is a good leap in the gameplay of Black Flag ship battles. That said, as other people have brought up, not being able to get off the ship, explore islands and find treasure, dive for treasure, have melee battles (all staples of Black Flag), definitely hurts the potential longevity of this game. I think we all just wanted a massively expanded Black Flag, in terms of its general mechanics. If this is on Game Pass at any point, I'll for sure try it, but I don't see what's worth dropping full price on it for.

  7. "reality of 17th century Piracy."

    They didn't have Torpedoes that's for damn sure.

  8. I just want a deep single player pirate RPG 😭

    Something like Deadfire but more sea/piracy based.

  9. Well that's just great a beautiful woman I can never have .
    With a game I can't but yet.

  10. Im tired of online games with multiplayer.
    I hope the game have single player story. Or for me doesn't worth playing it.

  11. If this game's gameplay loop was closer to Sea of Thieves I'd be really excited, as it I'm just lukewarm. I am intrigued enough to learn more though.

  12. I hope you're well Alanah and that your head heals great.

  13. The sound and speech makes me think of Civilization games

  14. This was based on Black Flag right? It just feels so odd that they removed the ability to swim and explore islands when it wasn’t really broken in AC.

  15. There's something about the visual style of ubisoft games that just really doesn't appeal to me. Mainly the lighting I think?

    The last ubi game I liked the look of was watch dogs 1.

  16. No ability to collect materials yourself, no sword fighting, no ability to hop off the ship and explore a random island. No ability to board an enemy ship. They cant call it a “pirating experience” if you cannot do the vast majority of that experience. Theres no shot at having a compelling story the way they have it set up, or interesting missions, it will just be repetitive and get boring quickly. Ubisoft didn’t listen to any of the criticism it received in 2018, so sad, what a let down! And i bet theyll try to charge full price for this half baked experience. They shouldve just made a realistic version of sea of thieves with a compelling story, and the ability to sail all ships by yourself. They want multiplayer and micro transactions, i.e. another horrible cashgrab

  17. Ubisoft has become almost as pathetic as ea dice and 343 .

  18. So, is worse than the original game it was based on, how can you achieve such level of incompetence?

  19. Hopefully a game studio gives a true pirate game

  20. This looks dissapointing, looks more like a live service than a game we were all hoping for. All we wanted was gameplay like Assassins Creed 4 but a pirte only version. Thanks Ubisoft, ye always go and mess up a good thing

  21. No boarding enemy boats or sword fights. Just another full price game JAM PACKED with microtrasactions. U would have to pay me to play it. That's the new deal Ubisoft 'pay me to play' not pay to play. Game over ubisoft game OVER.

  22. I can't wait to hunt 20 monkeys to upgrade my wallet

  23. How is Kingdom Hearts still giving us the best Pirates experience?

  24. How about prince of persia remake star wars open world game and avatar open world

  25. Can you craft the flying Dutchman and have davy Jones on your ship as a captain

  26. Eventually will become your crew he said I thought you create your own crew

  27. Empire total war vs skull and bones empire at war wins

  28. way more hype for skull and bones now, it wasn't really looking good back when they had that pvp only mindset

  29. 7:20 i know right, swimming! i seriously put that on the discord suggestions 'just in case', but so far the people who downvoted outweigh the upvotes. i assume its the elitists who dont care about the exploration that are all over the server.

  30. Separate servers kind of kills it for me. Honestly

  31. I'm just glad that Ubisoft love pirating, because thats exactly what i'm doing after all the shit they did in recent year and this Assassin Creed fiasco, clearly they don't think their games have value, so never will I.

  32. so i just remember this game as being on the ship only that you basically were the ship and you could have raids for see monsters and pvp matches with armadas

  33. Can't say Ubisoft doesn't know how to make trailers for this game… it's honestly like the best way to set everyone's expectations to high for the game itself

  34. Ahhhhh, so who let them make a pirate game without sword fighting??

  35. What he said about PvE and PvP and the benefits seem to me is the infamy and level up. And knowing other always online live service mean they might half or 3/4 your speed in ranking up until you pay or go on PvP server.

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