reaction: SKULL & BONES gameplay trailer (Ubisoft Pirate Game)

Catching up on some pieces of today’s Skull & Bones mini-conference! This is not the full stream, I just watched a few isolated videos.

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  1. Why not do red dead but pirate themed this would be a great ip for them

  2. Play ac blackflagg, its basicly same combatgameplay, except u cant move free like in blackflagg

  3. I wonder how many of those ubisoft prism nfts they'll try and shove into this.

  4. I'm so afraid of water I could never play this lol 😆

  5. Sid Meiers Pirates is still the best pirate game. My DMs are closed.

  6. This game desperately needs some melee combat, not just naval, but us controlling our character and not just to walk around in outposts. Imagine how the combat would look good in a game like this with realistic animations and physics with those graphics.

    I'm 100% sure that everyone would be way more interested in this game if it had actual combat instead of just cutscenes.

  7. This trailer honestly just made me wish Rockstar would make a pirate game.

  8. I don't know why i was excited for a ubisoft game, just for it to be open world trash/online only/live service bullshit, again…. -.- Now they're going even further by not even bothering creating a story/narrative, jezus christ

  9. I feel pretty similarly about this game. It looks like it's going to do one thing very well, and look good while it does it. I want to play as a pirate, not a pirate ship, which is all this really is. I love Sea of Thieves for that reason, even if it has other obvious flaws. Like I want to shoot guns and sword fight, AND sail a cool ship.

  10. Even when they first showed this, it was pretty clear that it was more Sea of Thieves than Blag Flag.

  11. I always kind of expected it to be mp. I was expecting them to stray so far away from black flag, and make it almost cartoony with the way you can customize your ship. I was really hoping for the pirates part of black flag, but expanded in a different part of the world. This is pretty disappointing

  12. They didn't comment anything on the microtransactions, so i think this will be a pay to win game from the looks of it, at least on the PVP servers. Also this looks very open to suffer from bot type problems, what would happen if a malicious player makes a group of 4 bots and camps them outside some port with very high level ships each with the order to attack and sink all players coming out of said port.

  13. I'll certainly wait for God of War that comes out the next day instead

  14. So a feature starved Sea of Thieves?
    This has bargain bin/ free to play written all over it.

  15. I was hoping for something with more story, but it might be good. Combat seems fun.

  16. I’m okay with the lack of narrative, but the lack of Black Flag’s climbing and combat mechanics really disappoints me.

    What I really wanted was Black Flag without the Assassin’s Creed story, but with much deeper trading, piracy and upgrade mechanics.

  17. Hahahaha This is Pirate Citizen hell yeah 🙂

  18. I'm definitely pre-ordering this I've been looking forward for this game since 2018.

  19. Yeah another DOA game from Ubi. This will be FTP in a few months after releases and even then I don’t feel it.

    It feels like Black Flags without the singleplayer or Sea of thieves without the boarding. Nah thanks

  20. I’m still salty about Scalebound, but damn this looks pretty

  21. Sea of Thieves just got competition

  22. Complete and utter trash. To think, that Black Flag a game that came out in 2013 had more things you could do than a "modern" game that's been delayed multiple times. Ubisoft really is a shell of its former self.

  23. Was waiting for this game for years since it was announced. There is no campaign/story basicly you make your own story ,Thats for some people positive or negative ,no boarding with your character just a cutscene and not only that but even when you grind stuff on an island you just gut close with you ship and its automaticly chopping the tree to get resources lol ,that for me is a HUGE negative hope they will add this in the future will i stil buy it? YES like i said waiting for years :P, i wanted to do stuff with my character like exploring an island shovel a point to get maybe the treasure ect game right now is like World of Warships but in a Pirate area ,also I was SHOCKED cause we had no info about this game for /months/years and now BOOM its out in 4 months? that kinda scared me to be honest lets hope for the best

  24. this game looked cool when it was announced but man this looks bad so much wasted potential this will be released in a unified state to make back what they have invested

  25. The game looks cool, but from what i know of these ships, and given how fast the gameplay is, i wouldnt consider this exemplary of real world fighting in this era. But i can understand why, a realistic sim of this era might come off as slow. But still, Ubisoft made the Silent Hunter games which were excellent sims.

  26. The lack of melee combat just killed it for me. I was really hoping for this to be a next gen Pirates! But oh well.

  27. Game was on its way to be really amazing, But now its just a cash grab ubi is in cellar one more dud and i'll never spend another dime on them.

  28. All this time and this is what they have made, its just a bit lackluster and the fact that you cant really do much when your not on your ship. Ill be passing on this one. Can you guys just make The Division 3?

  29. Also not for me but I’m glad this game is finally coming out.

  30. 2018 was the last time I saw this.

  31. So basically it’s a pirate game, without the pirate part! Not to mention the historical accuracy and realism are completely lacking.. this is a joke man..

  32. I remember when the first gameplay trailers for this came out a few years ago, & the complaints about the game where almost universal. Why are they making a multi-player game where you are locked onto your ship, unable to search for buried treasure or board other ships, & not have the fantasy aspect of pirating (Ghost ships, sea monsters, mermaids ect), when all we have been asking for is Black Flag without the Assassins Creed? It just looks like they listened to almost none of that & just are putting out the exact same game they said they had ready to go in around 2017….. so why the long delay Ubisoft? If your not gonna give us what we wanted with this game & just give us exactly what you were going to do anyway, why take an extra 5 years when you said it was ready back then? I am not really interested in this game, it just doesn't seem fun to me & it just looks like grinding for the sake of grinding, there is no reason, no story, nothing….so…..hard pass from me on this.

  33. The game is clearly just being sent out to die, because they have to release it this year. I watched some of the stream of them just playing the game, and it looked awful. It was making me genuinely nauseous the way the camera was constantly sliding around and zooming in and out as you switched positions, the UI is ghastly, and the combat just just looked like a clusterfuck of ships firing at one another with little strategy.

    I was excited about a game that took Black Flag and built out the pirate fantasy more, but instead all we got was a game that took 15% of Black Flag and tried to stretch it out into a full release. And I hesitate to even say 15% because they turned stuff like boarding into a cutscene!

  34. Can't wait to pay 1 000 000$ to get the best boat imediately… prob gonna have some bs p2w mechanic

  35. Yeah I'm feeling the same way, I kinda have no interest in it. Combat looks like it would be fun for a short while.
    Everything else idk.
    Thing about sea of thieves was you can literally just spend 10 hours fucking around with friends. Think its the only game you can do everything but tasks and still have fun.
    This looks like its not gonna have that kind of depth.

  36. This basically looks like Sea of Thieves with a lot of the fun player interactions out of it. Gotcha! Yeah I'm good.

  37. No interest with no campaign and you can’t get off the boat to finish off a fort.

  38. Sooooo it's just ship battles and ONLY ship battles…

  39. Imagine how much cooler it would’ve been if there was land exploration/combat? Oh man it’d be awesome, i can think of so many ways it could be done and they could throw in some really cool easter eggs. Like having an island themed around lovecraftian horror. Hundreds of unique dungeon areas full of booby traps, puzzles and loot. Islands controlled by different factions the list goes on.

  40. I feel like this game will be similar to sea of thieves and no man's sky where in the beginning it will be kind of a mediocre game but will get really cool updates and events that make it super fun.

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