reaction: SKULL & BONES gameplay trailer (Ubisoft Pirate Game)

Catching up on some pieces of today’s Skull & Bones mini-conference! This is not the full stream, I just watched a few isolated videos.

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  1. It looks like a mobile game. When the camera is zoomed in, it looks great, but as soon as it zooms out to its default range, the quality drops dramatically. Even the gameplay trailer reminds me of a mobile game trailer. I can't believe Ubisoft has wasted so much time on this game.

  2. How much do you think "customization" is going to cost through microtransactions???

  3. Comparing this to the first gameplay trailer, all I see is a complete downgrade, the ship design, the character model, just everything looks shit

  4. Nailed our hair in that first trailer. Beautiful.

  5. If they don't let us get off the ship I'm gonna be super disappointed, like they took black flag and cut out the assassin's part and then sold it as a new game

  6. I love how "Ubisoft Pirate Game" is in the title since it has been YEARS since the initial trailer! LOL!!!

  7. Can't believe it's been so long. 2017? It seemed cool. Black Flag naval combat was fun

  8. OMG November 8th lol 🤣 they going up against God of war … Good luck Ubisoft lol you gonna need it

  9. This was originally announced at E3 2017 for those wondering

  10. Maybe I'm too cynical but this screams "we already invested too much money into this game, we know it's gonna suck but we have to at least make some money back and release it now".

  11. I’d love it if it was a realistic sea of thieves but it’s not 😔

  12. This would be great if it came to Game Pass on day one. The lack of melee combat and being able to board enemy ships makes this game feel like it's not worth full price.

  13. This looks.. bad lol and also a day before ragnarok lmao

  14. If you watch the old gameplay, they downgraded the game’s visuals… especially the water which they were boasting about

  15. Looks like a ubisoft open world with level caps and 20 different resources. Maybe im too cynical but i thats all i see in the gameplay

  16. This game trailer look graphically impressive 🤯🤙🔥

  17. Well RIP Skull & Bones PlayStation fanbase because after 1 day (Nov 8th) God of War Ragnarok is out. S&B will likely be riddled with bugs early on anyways (Ubisoft's history of buggy games apon release) so I'll probably will wait till Christmas.

  18. The lady explaining gameplay sounds kinda like Cortana 😂

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