Red Sox vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/19/24) | MLB Highlights

Red Sox vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/19/24

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  1. ive seen enough, celtics beating nuggets in 4 and redsox winning the world series.

  2. they destroid them, lets go bruins tomorrow, lets go Celtics sunday

  3. 8:34 Congratulations to Cam Booser on making his major league debut!!! He is a great person, and very well deserved!!! 🔥 ⚾ 👏

  4. For a second there I thought the sox were playing the The Savannah Bananas

  5. We are dead last once again come now ….Go 🧦's

  6. I know we need to get a handle on our errors, but I'm so happy a lot of long ball payed off in this game. Let's go Red Sox!! 🤩🔴🧦🎉

  7. Just stop playing at Fenway, seems to be working better

  8. Why Cora told the team that they don't play well in Fenway ? Sometimes this can intimidate this young team.

  9. Pittsburgh born and raised Red Sox fan by choice! Way to go Red Sox!

  10. It looks like the Sox need more road games.

  11. These highlights are way to overedited. Just show up the damn key plays as they were broadcast.

  12. The games at Fenway must be banned for the best interest of all sox fans

  13. Whoever that Pirates fan is SCREAMING behind home plate….. I mean please keep it up u dummy

  14. Get rid of cora he’s a cheater and a racist

  15. Love to see Bello dealing out there. He has such great energy on the mound and is my favorite young pitcher in the game. Sox could surprise some people this year if they can stay healthy and remember how to play defense.

  16. Didn't we have a short stop at one time…think they called him Xander…had a outfielder to…what's his name…Betts….wonder how he turned out….most teams would have signed both…but not my team bahaaaa we suck

  17. I want to see Boston’s marathon uniforms against these Pittsburg kits

    The banana bowl 😮

  18. I'm glad to see Booser finally up in the lineup. I think he's gonna be something great when he gets his bearings.

  19. Finally errors don't hurt Bello….guys in top 5 for cy in most vegas books…

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