Red Sox vs. Pirates Game Highlights (8/16/22) | MLB Highlights

Red Sox vs. Pirates full game highlights from 8/16/22, pres. by @mattressfirm

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  1. at 5:22 you can see that Nick Pivetta wipes his hat and his pance twice meaning hes probably using spider tack or some other illegal substance but i could be wrong

  2. Boston won 5-3 thanks to two major errors. Should have been 3-2 Pirates.

  3. GG boston tiene que mejorar el pitcheo!

  4. This (Pirates) team swept a 3 game series against Milwaukee. Let that sink in for a bit!

  5. The Boston Red Sox are 58-59🔴⚪️🔵🅱️🧦

  6. It's weird to see the other team make a bunch of stupid errors for once.

  7. Love the BoSox but felt the pain of the pirates fielding.

  8. It hurts so much to be a fan of the pirates. I really want to continue to support them but I don’t really see the point anymore. We’ve been awful for my entire life except for 3 years we made the wild card.

  9. Great win Red Sox! Solid pitching performance by Nick tonight! They nearly blew in the 8th, but thankfully they managed to hold on. Good job by Barnes closing it out!

  10. Take no wins for granted! Needed this one and got it! Let's go, Red Sox!

  11. Those pirates tonight couldn't catch COVID if you locked them in a porta-potty with someone who had it.

  12. Boston could use a sweep this series. It's not much time left in the season either win now, or go home.

  13. This was the most boring game all season. The Red Sox only scored runs in the 1st inning and then were silent the rest of the game. Good thing they still got the win though. Matt Barnes is looking much better than he did.

  14. 3:01 was funny after watching a year of Red Sox not making plays

  15. next offseason the sox should get bieber and yelich and resign vasquez and the pirates should trade reynolds to the angels along with newman next offseason

  16. Boston vs pirata🇺🇲🏏⚾️🏴‍☠️

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