Red Sox vs. Pirates Game Highlights (8/17/22) | MLB Highlights

Red Sox vs. Pirates full game highlights from 8/17/22, pres. by @mattressfirm

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  1. Lets go my Boston Red Sox 😃🎉😎👍🙏

  2. vamos red sox tenemos oportunidad todavia

  3. the red sox still won't make it to the playoffs anyways. too little too late.

  4. What a boring sports. I introduced soccer to my grandfather. He told he wasted whole life by watching baseball

  5. In my opinion a bases loaded walk should result with the pitcher charged with an error.

  6. If the Red Sox can catch fire they good make a playoff push in my opinion

  7. Awesome win Red Sox! Solid pitching performance by Rich tonight! Hope we sweep them tomorrow!

  8. The National League had finally gone ahead of the American League in interleague play for the season. Leave it to the Pirates to give it back. Too bad MLB isn't like the English Premiere League where teams can get demoted for poor play. Honus Wagner, Bill Mazeroski, Roberto Clemente, and Willie Stargell must be turning in their graves over what this once proud franchise has become. Ownership should be ashamed.

  9. Damn! I know Pirates isn't a very good team (then again, Sox lost to the Royals of all teams), but there's a difference in what I'm seeing from the Sox.

  10. The Boston Red Sox are 59-59🔴⚪️🔵🧦🅱️

  11. For real verdugo feels unstoppable these couple weeks

  12. Injuries really hurt Boston this season or they would have definitely made the postseason

  13. I get to go to Pirate game tomorrow because much like Urinatingtree, I am also into self torture. Send Help!!!

  14. Boston winning 2 series in a row i must be dreaming. Need to get on a hot streak, and hopefully gain some ground on the last wild card spot.

  15. Red Sox vs AAA THE OWNER OF THE PIRATES only spends the minimum they should force to spend more they are only for business

  16. Red Sox wins the winning column over the Pirates, ballgame over! 👍⚾

  17. Christian Arroyo has been impressive ever since the Vazquez trade. Verdugo dialed in too! Lots of bats! Anything can happen.

  18. Why isn't O. Cruz playing? Dude made me wanna watch Pitts, did he slump off?

  19. Solid win against a bad team. If there’s going to be a playoff push it’s got to begin here. But this team has the talent but this bullpen is still a mess especially against the better teams.

  20. Boston vs pirata🇺🇲🏏⚾️🏴‍☠️

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