Reds vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/20/23) | MLB Highlights

Reds vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/20/23, presented by @NTTofficialchannel

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  1. That batter's interference call may be the worst officiating I've ever seen.

  2. The Reds are becoming the MLBs punching bag, huh

  3. 5:19 Man, that 8th inning was shades of the 2022 Pirates all over again. i was having flashbacks. lol

  4. Running home to catch Pirate highlights🤷🏽‍♂️them and the DBacks gon be a PROBLEM

  5. Raise it! I know its early but How about our Buccos!!! Lets Go Bucs!

  6. The reds are an embarrassment to all their fans. The Castellinis are just awful.

  7. Hayes has to have the most underrated glove in the show

  8. New Orleans native here,MLB network need to do a breakdown on Andrew because he is my early comeback player of the year.

    I have a question for pirate fans. Did you guys expected Andrew to be hitting over 300?

  9. I’m actually looking forward to going to a pirates game when I visit Pittsburgh

  10. mlb had to change the video they had the Cardinals logo when they uploaded it at 1st. I'm happy to see Pittsburgh playing well so far hopefully it continues

  11. This batters interference bullshit is ridiculous. MLB let’s stop RUINING our pastime with stupid calls and bullshit new rules

  12. Mets, Cubs, Brewers, Cubs mid-June then we’ll see if this team is legit

  13. Since Hayes makes evertything look so easy from over there at third base, maybe the MLB guy putting together the highlights didn't realize the difficulty of the 2nd out in the top of the 8th. Infield in and he played that hard hop as if he were passing gas on a breezy day at an empty parking lot. Yes, there is a long way to go and this odyssey has just begun but know that our ship is navigating towards treasure. Vamos, Piratas!!!

  14. What was up with Hedges eyes in this one, man looks Meth'ed up

  15. Raise the Jolly Roger!

  16. These Buccos are gonna get far this season, one can feel it! The team work, and the defense, batting and pitching are looking better this year..!!

  17. Luke weaver did good after the first. I believe in him

  18. Dont want to get my hopes up, it's still so early on and we ARE talking about the Bucs here. But this team is starting to feel legit. This lineup can flat out rake and the pitching staff seems to be coming together in a way that they are doing more than enough to keep us in games. Cautiously optimistic here. LET'S GO BUCCOS‼️!!!!!! 🏴‍☠️⚾⚔️🏴‍☠️

  19. 😂closer yes sir 🙌 great pitch n catch

  20. Ro is looking GOOD! Nice job by the defense especially Hayes…. Pen still looks solid even tho Holderman loves to make us sweat. RAISE IT!

  21. Early days of course, but 8th inning brain farts aside, Pirates seem to be on track for a good season.

  22. 14,051 in attendance last night at PNC Park. The numbers are improving.

  23. Pirates winning the penant, this year! (LOL).

  24. That player interference looked like a flop.

  25. Pittsburgh looking good hopefully they can keep it going all season

  26. I thinks it’s pretty awesome the way pirates are playing right now

  27. It's a zip, zap, kazoo as the Buc-O's just turned two- Greg Brown.

  28. Clear the deck, cannonball coming !- Greg Brown.

  29. It will be a miracle if the Reds can keep India.

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