Reds vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/22/23) | MLB Highlights

Reds vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/22/23 presented by @NTTofficialchannel

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  1. This is Hayes year. He is an All Star 3rd Baseman so far and gold glove.

  2. Let's go bucs!! Let's win the central this year!!


  4. The hottest team in the mlb right now. Let that sink in lol enjoy the ride while we can.

  5. I still worry about Hill going forward, but he’s looked OKish. Glad to see Reynolds swinging the lumber again and getting out of that slump. It’s a fun time to be a Pirate fan right now for sure!

  6. I love how no one at all thinks anything about the buccos. Let’s just keep rattling off wins. Let’s go Bucs

  7. Pirates owners are like: oh no we’re winning what can we trade away before we have to pay them

  8. I wouldn't have said this preseason, but I am impressed with the depth of the team. No Cutch tonight, no Bednar, plus all the injured players including Cruz. This team may have what it takes for the long haul to compete for a spot in the pennant

  9. That one run the Reds scored would have been a routine out if Cruz wasn't hurt.

  10. Sticking it to the Reds. So many times they stuck it to the Bucs. Payback. Just sweep tomorrow. Rich Hill was filthy…oh baby.

  11. It's just the beginning, but this team is getting scarier.
    It has become a team to keep an eye on,

  12. Say no to pro sports. Spend your money on something more humanitarian.

  13. I feel bad for opposing teams. They stand no chance against the team fielding god himself, Connor effing Joe

  14. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 15-7⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️🦜

  15. Buccos are Playing great Baseball, keep going

  16. Six consecutive wins for Bryan Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates after sunk Jonathan India and the Cincinnati Reds, unbelievable!

  17. 3:48 "…right on the outside corner." Stop lying. We can see it. The Pirates can never win until they stop umpires from stealing victories from small market teams with bad plate calls. 1992 anyone?

  18. After some positive hype to begin the season the lowly reds have once again proved to the world that they are a complete disaster 🤢

  19. 2023년은 Pirates, Diamondbacks, Rangers 의 약진이 돋보이는 해가 될 거야. 특히 상반기.

  20. Thanks for posting these!! Only way for me to see a Pirates game!!

  21. The Reds owner is still getting Suckers to come to the home games after getting rid of all the talented players and pocketing the cash. All they have now is a bunch of guys that wear ponytails and others with flowing hair jogging to first for an easy out.

  22. Don’t get too exited Bucos you only beat the reds don’t measure your success based on this minor league team of super subs you just played!

  23. Bell manages the game like its tee ball everyone gets to play every position…..Bell just so you know at the major league level they do keep score and you don’t get points for getting everyone in the game! At the highest level players are professional at one position, the guys that play multiple positions are not regulars for a reason. You can’t have an entire team of two hundred hitters just because you think somehow playing multiple make a player more valuable if he can’t hit at third he’s not going to be better in center he still can’t hit!

  24. The hottest team in baseball!!
    6 victories straight

    I’m itching to go to PNC park!

  25. I can believe the Pirates are relevant this year

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