Reds vs. Pirates Game Highlights (4/23/23) | MLB Highlights

Reds vs. Pirates full game highlights from 4/23/23 presented by @NTTofficialchannel

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  1. The Pirates have the 2nd best record in baseball!

  2. Bucs On Top 7game WIN Streak , Let's Go.

  3. Second. Loving this team winning close games with quality pitching. Serious potential for 2nd or 3rd wild card in NL. Just need pitching to hold up for the remainder of the season. 412

  4. Just can't believe pirates are gonna beat the Yankees in the world series in 5 games

  5. This Pirate team is so awesome to watch! Let's Go Bucs!

  6. I’m very conflicted because I’m a hardcore Cubs fan, but I also love the Pirates. Both are killing it in the NL Central. My life is torn!

  7. As the Gunner would say, “We had ‘em all the way!”
    That would be Bob Prince for those us old guys who remember listening to Bob Prince and Nellie King on the radio (KDKA)

  8. Holy. That Santana steal….Just icing on the cake, absolutely loving this bucco run. Keep it rollin 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  9. I am 53years old and have been a Pirate fan for a very long time. All of us who have been around awhile are holding our breath thinking….ok…when are the REAL Pirates gonna show up. Lol

  10. Wonder how much the Reds are getting for that Kroger patch on their sleeve. Kinda surprised they don't have a bunch of endorsement patches on their unis.

  11. Dare I say; the Pirates are the class of the National League! 🏴‍☠

  12. Nice streak, but the offense has to pick it up. 4 runs in the last two games is underperforming for this lineup. Especially with how good they’ve been playing.

  13. Heck yea! I enjoy me another episode of How the Reds Blew it.

  14. The Reds couldn’t score a run to save a life rn

  15. Pirates have the 2nds best record fans don’t know that .. talk about looooowwee energy. Go watch Giants/Mets it was wild.

  16. I can’t believe the Pirates are good. Like I genuinely can’t believe they’re good again

  17. Everytime they get a win this team puts a smile on face love that this team is jelling

  18. is vince velasquez the guy who got hit my a comebacker on his throwing arm then picked it up with his left and recovered to get him out

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  20. I'm japanese. I love pittsburgh pirates❤

  21. I’m absolutely stunned at how good this team is. Pitching offense and defense is all really good right now!!! I’m 3-0 so far when being at games.

  22. It’s bittersweet because you know the pirates office only sees dollar signs for each of these guys. I’m convinced the pirates are just a farm team for the multi-billion dollar clubs. I hope I’m wrong this time

  23. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 16-7⚫️🟡⚪️🦜💀☠️🏴‍☠️

  24. Raise the Jolly Roger!

  25. and the empty stadium, in Pittsburgh they don't like baseball. give away the tickets to fill it up.😢

  26. 1:57 “… that ball thought it had a chance to be in the seats” 🤔

  27. Told my wife before the season started they would win 90-95 games this year😀 did the same last year and the year before and the year before and probably the year before the last year I predicted this, way to go me

  28. Raise It. Pirates ☠ R in first place, not a fluke, best young rotation an pen in baseball

  29. 이게 다 문재앙 때문이다. 뙈놈들 눈치보느라 멀쩡한 우리 아기들 학습권까지 침해다다니….

  30. I bet the Pirates to win their division at 50/1 odds.

  31. Imagine them winning the world series Pittsburgh would blow up

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