Reds vs. Pirates Game Highlights (9/28/22) | MLB Highlights

Reds vs. Pirates full game highlights from 9/28/22, presented by Roman Health

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  1. Quick update in the race for last place and 100 losses, after having swept the Reds the Pirates trail the Reds by one game in the race for last place. Who will finish in the cellar? Who losses 100? Place your bets.

  2. The Great Greg Brown On The Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball TV Network

  3. Leave it to the Cincinnati Deads to get swept by the Pirates. Jeez. Pitiful.

  4. Cruz is my favorite player to watch right now

  5. Raise the Jolly Roger!
    ~~ Let’s Go Bucs! ~~

  6. No plan, no long term vision, no strategy, old players. The Reds have become a disgrace to pro ball.

  7. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 59-97⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️🦜

  8. If only the pirates were better. Those empty seats at PNC are depressing for real.

  9. Looks like the Pirates sunk down and it didn't made to the Playoffs after walk off win over the Reds.

  10. Rojo vs pirata⚾️🏏🇺🇲🏴‍☠️

  11. レッドブルKTMアバントインパラRTJ says:

    7th career walk off Hero for Kevin newman👏
    Come back Mr.walk off man for Kevin newman That the again👏

  12. Still can’t believe the Pirates got Andujar for nothing

  13. Lol… I'm not the only one using Seinfeld references all the time. Go Cubs go!

  14. Keep this good line Nxt yr. & add some good solid free agents Playoffs is ours💯

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