Another disturbing nomgame like vore game on roblox that must be banned.

Report the game here:

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  1. Fun Fact: You physically don't get these games recommended to you, you have to actively search for them in order to find them, so that means this man actively goes looking for them on his own time to make videos on them, which means he secretly likes them 😁

  2. Are you Dutch because nobody uses the word cancer that much except for the Dutch

  3. You're doing what ROBLOX itself refuses to do Kurisu.
    It's sad that fetishistict content can continue to make it's way onto the platform, while Roblox does bare-minimum to deal with it.

  4. ・Melodxy_Music・[The Ult.Kanade kinnie] says:

    the fact u search these games,its obvious,some people like these games,not including myself but let the people be,u search these becuz u like vore and make money pretending u don't,u play them and do and i quote:“demonstrations“when u clearly do it to see that stuff because u enjoy it,and even if thats not the case some people want these games to be up,again not including myself,but even so just leave them the hell alone,kids don't even know what vore is most of the time so how r they gonna manage to find this,and only people who wanna play it actually play it,so leave it alone,dear lord u disgust me,if u do like it,ok,don't lie for one,and for 2 if u don't like it then do ruin the time of the people who do like it,no one asked for ur opinion on these dam games.

  5. Get ready for be reported on YouTube , hater of vore

  6. Why every nom Game wants you to join the group to join it’s not even that good💀

  7. What's sad is that anybody cares. You have to actively search for these types of games to find them (You clearly aren't revealing something here). Children that are too young for these experiences don't know HOW to search for them, nor do they know that this stuff even exists. so in making these videos, you're actively revealing this community to individuals who shouldn't have anything to do with it. Don't blame the games and the people who like them; they can't help it. That's how fetishes genuinely work, and that's not an opinion. Shutting down anything of the like doesn't solve 'problems' for any group, it just pisses off an existing one. Think twice before shaming yourself with this type of content. Amen.

  8. Honestly I’m starting to notice a lot of problems that just come around after many or few years, that either being part of the community itself, the developers and the content creators

    It’s honestly sad to see roblox kinda spiral down from its roots, it ‘twas much simpler before UGC and stuff like that. And all these adult games and fetish games.

  9. Bro my friend played it and he said it was trash I played it and I reported it agree🌚

  10. Why do you interfere with other people like this, do they treat you like this, you have no right to interfere with them like that

  11. For everyone in the comments asking why he does it: he already admited to wanna do these videos for popularity and profit.


  13. There is another one called nom game

  14. The F U N N I Channel (laugh or die) says:

    stop… some people like this…

  15. The F U N N I Channel (laugh or die) says:

    secretly he likes this

  16. The F U N N I Channel (laugh or die) says:

    plus no dating LOL

  17. The F U N N I Channel (laugh or die) says:

    no but ur gonna catch CRING-A

  18. man when i saw this game i thought it was a normal pirate game but not because roblox 🙁

  19. so from my understanding, its vore game thats actually disguised as a normal game if im getting that right?

  20. also, the thing that started this genre of games is called "nomgame" which eventually evolved to nom isle then to nom vale which started the more realistic version of vore with squirming and, basically just made it more disgusting

  21. Looking at the game first glance, I assumed it was just a survival game. Good thing it was shut down since it was a vore game

  22. I think he likes the games like he can't admit it

  23. Dude, just stop doing this. You're proving no point here by trying to convince people to report these types of games. As a majority of other people have said, you're starting to make it seem like you actually enjoy these types of games, since, again, as said by a lot of people before, you have to actively search for these games on Roblox.
    Bottom line here, just stop trying. The Roblox community is fucked up as is, and the only thing you're doing by making these videos is attracting hate and criticism from people with this fetish, such as me. Don't be that guy, man. Don't be that guy.

  24. friend please stop bothering the creators of vore games they have their tastes like you and me so stop reporting the games it's not cool

  25. if you hated so much then don't play it lol

  26. ghettosmosh

    this is like when toontown got shut down and i cried in my bed for 2 hours and my dad yelled at me for crying and saying that boys dont cry, i cried even more so my dad got the belt and beat me, this is basically this same exact feeling THESE IS UR FAULT KURISU SAN UR RUINED THE LIFE OF THESE GUY THAT CREATED THE LORD OF THE PIRATE GAME

  27. me : was going to play it , you guys : ! reports !

  28. Well done next time, think, now the creator has closed the game by making it private, and now you can't get there. Your plan failed

  29. bro, just admit it, you like vore, otherwise Im gunna leave the voretards and shoot myself with a fucking 9mm.

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