Review ALL 66 Upgrades! Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale

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Learn How to Play
Fastest Way to 1 Million Gold
Rank All Pirate Captains
Review All 18 Pirate Ships

00:00 Start
00:08 Harbormasters
00:40 Governor Missions
01:12 Weight Capacity
01:23 Cannon Caster
02:00 Carpenter
02:50 Pirate Dealer
03:50 Sailmaker
04:53 Ship Chandler
05:20 Lifeboat
05:55 All 18 Ships

In this video, I provide a quick step and basic upgrade guide for beginners in “Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale” from developer Kalypso Media. “Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale” is a turn-based, story-driven game set in the Golden Age of Piracy, circa 1630. You play as a pirate captain seeking fortune and glory on the high seas. If you’re a fan of pirate games, then you should definitely check out Tortuga A Pirate’s Tale! It’s a unique and exciting game that will keep you engrossed from start to finish. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. A ship of the line with 3 cannon decks armed with carronades, a level 3 cabin (not for boarding but to man all the guns) , and a level 2 hull upgrade. This ship can one shot almost all others. Good vid.

  2. Was watching other videos on this game and someone mentioned "overweight war galleons". They stated that they could put the best gear on the ship without weight restrictions. Have you seen, heard, or encountered this?

  3. question I thought I saw the ability to add a second gun deck to some ships, but haven't figured out how. I have a ship of the line and when LS over the top shows an used line for cannons any ideas?

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