Rockies vs. Pirates Game Highlights (5/8/23) | MLB Highlights

Rockies vs. Pirates full game highlights from 5/8/23

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  1. Mitch is a beast. If the Pirates had 2 more like him and another good bat they’d be WS contenders

  2. Rockie vs pirata🇺🇲⚾️🇨🇦

  3. what a close game but I'm still surprised on how well the pirates have been

  4. Just what the doctor ordered.
    RTJR and go get 'em tomorrow.
    Let's Go Bucs!!

  5. The pirate ship survived the wreck thanks to the good maneuvering of the navigator Keller.👍

  6. What a pitchers duel feel bad Freeland had to loose it but what a game from Keller guy is an legit Ace

  7. Not a pirates fan, but is nice to see a team come back from the grave.
    if only the A's had good owners….

  8. The Rockies are certainly not a very good team but any team that has won 6 of 7 is dangerous. And Mitch Keller shut them down single handedly.

  9. McMahon probably struck out twice with an error today

  10. Love tuning in to watch the pirates, these guys have so much potential! They may be on a losing streak but you can't count them off a wildcard if they keep this up.

  11. My first pirates game.. glad I was there for the win

  12. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 21-15⚫️🟡⚪️💀☠️🏴‍☠️🦜

  13. This time clock rule is so stupid! The more I see it on the highlights the more stupid it looks

  14. This game was actually 1 hour and 55 minutes, that's too short.

  15. Serves you right rockies thats for beating the mets twice

  16. Took a min to end the slump. Honestly, I'm suprised they're still a half a game in front in the central div. Lot of teams having a tough year. Still praying for the best for my Bucs. 1979 seems a lifetime ago, but have been waiting ever since for the glory days to return to my small market team. I live in Naples, and the Rays are really showing everyone how it's done. Here's to small market teams.

  17. Nobody is going to games anymore so how are these guys making so much dang money

  18. Keller's gem, What a great start best of his career for sure. Finally snap the skid. RAISE IT!

  19. Way to go Keller this season looks to be his breakout one. Keep up the good work.

  20. So i was wondering any Rockies fans out there, Blackmon has played whole career with Colorado. Will he finish his career in Colorado or once Rockies fall out of contention would they trade him to a contender? I dont know what his current contract is but i found it interesting he has played over a decade and more in Colorado, but will that continue?

  21. Why not the Pirates!! They are a young exciting team to watch and I am rooting for them to get back to the playoffs!!

  22. Wild how rare the CG has become. Well done, Keller!

  23. Nice gem from Keller, I wish more pitchers would get the chance to throw complete games!

  24. 3:54 they need to ban metal cleats because while he was wearing a sliding mitt if he wasn’t he could’ve gotten hurt badly

  25. So we can beat terrible teams, can't beat really good teams

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