Royal Navy Fights Pirate Ships and Tries to Conquer the Seas in His Majesty’s Ship!

Royal Navy Fights Pirate Ships and Tries to Conquer the Seas in His Majesty’s Ship!
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  1. Baron love the vids but we need more ravenfield.

  2. More more more like so he can seee this guys

    P.s baron if you see this pls please please do multiplayer

  3. Hey baron. In stick war, The Spartans can throw their spear if you control them.

  4. This game looks like a simpler version of sid Meiers pirates.

  5. Hi I used to watch your war thunder videos why did you stop making them

  6. Uk Has Upgraded Rule Britannia 1000000000 times

  7. 5:14 Sir, a friendly ship has exited the hyperspace))(on the left))

  8. Play rise of library again it has been updated

  9. I think it was called Press Ganging when the Navy would send officers etc in to towns to get men as hands for the ship. Great vid & such an interesting time.

  10. Baron can you make a video of wartunder for 1st of April ? So you can see what they got this year.

  11. I have an idea for Ravenfield. You Know The Sand War in real life ? Maybe you can do a roleplay or something like that when it has degenerate into a real war

    Sorry If I Am Bad In My English

  12. I would like it if you continued to make videos on this game. I Like IT!!

  13. Can u do some more Ultimate epic battle simulator

  14. Before this I used five minuets for a Turkish airline flight thing with the LEGO movie 2

  15. Please play more.
    (Edit) Oh just heard part 1
    Just be more, right?

  16. Its about time, I'm finally seeing in game footage of this game.

  17. You should play Beholder on the channel, really nice little game

  18. Can't find it on Steam.

    Can you play as the Dutch?

  19. Updated Ver 0.20.5 now Live on Steam, updated Midshipman level, much easier 🙂

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