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On today’s IGN The Fix: Games,

Russia is reportedly easing its copyright laws to offset sanctions imposed by Western nations in response to its invasion of Ukraine – in doing so it is effectively legalizing piracy of games, movies, TV shows, and more.

Elden Ring is officially the United States’ best-selling game of 2022 so far, with a huge launch according to the latest NPD data.

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  1. Poor Russia they are about to lose every game release every movie release all entertainment. This is what happens when leader's are playing Mr Boss.

  2. Fk Denuvo, hope Russia make hidden company that go against denuvo

  3. i'm gonna pirate everything coming out of russia from now on

  4. Yeah, you stop selling games, consoles, pc components and basically cut it off from the world, what should happen?
    They are NOT legalizing it, they never said that, they are just taking off the penalties given the situation.

  5. Russia: We are gonna let our citizens pirate games without consequences.
    Australia: has strong piracy laws
    Me from Australia: still watches pirated movies, shows and games, thanks AFP

  6. Russia is now like any other Latin American country in terms of piracy, in Latin America you can pirate games, movies, music without any legal consequences for you.

  7. I'm pretty sure russian dictator will provide some new "anti west" law, something like 15 years of prison for using English language games, exactly like in north Korea.😏

  8. the question is how russia can counter anti piracy

  9. This just in all AAA game makers stop releasing games with russian language option lol ( just a prediction)

  10. Russia legalized what they have already been doing for decades,with very little too no repercussions.Old news

  11. Раньше мы были пиратами, а теперь мы благородные Каперы )

  12. When a new computer game costs about 25% of your monthly income, we in Russia are thinking about piracy that's for sure

  13. And yet people thinks companies are worst when there people out there like Putin who are much worse.

  14. West rightfully takes 600 billion in Russian assets while Russians legalize piracy of…wait for it…video games. who is the real pirate doe? Did we forgot that Venezuelan gold England just took because…they can?

  15. So thats why "No way Home" showed up eary on RARBG.

  16. Russia has not legalized piracy. It was only a proposal from one of the deputies, but it will never be accepted. When everyone's talk about disinformation in the Russian media, and then foreign portals post videos like this.

  17. The most ultimate Uno Reverso in modern history lol

  18. О чём это видео? О чём они говорят? Пиратство это наша обыденность, посмотреть человека паука нет пути домой раньше цифрового релиза, это как с добрым утром (кстати, а паук то хорош) Выпускайте уже Оби-Вана и лунного рыцаря!!!! Очень ждём.

  19. this is what happens when u cut off a country from entertainment and also the citizens being punished for something a dumbass president does isnt right

  20. This wouldn't happen if Ukraine weren't run by a bunch of clowns.

  21. Does being a programmer, artist or developer in Russia make any sense now? your work has no value – everyone can steal your product

  22. Omg , why does every self reclaimed „Game Journalist“ has to get political ?? What about gameplay,grafics,storytelling ??? Instead those IGN drones speak only about diversity in games, Sanktions, LGBTQ MPRPQ A12 and now want to „help“ westeners to hate Russia even more! 😀
    What a Freakshow..

  23. The US and Europe steals property from Russia so it's open season
    Every action has a reaction

  24. Now the Russians and the Russian government can do whatever they want. After all, what will happen to them for this, new sanctions on sanctions?

  25. Запад заморозил (а проще говоря – УКРАЛ) зарубежные активы Российской Федерации в общей сумме более, чем 300 миллиардов долларов.
    Это разве не воровство?
    И в России никто и никогда не наказывал, если простой человек скачает: фильм, сериал, игру или пиратский софт для личного домашнего пользования, если это делалось в коммерческих целях то да – за это наказывали, особенно предприятия где к примеру на компьютерах пиратский Windows стоит. Официальной легализации пиратства не будет, но вряд ли будут наказывать даже предприятия которые используют пиратский софт в целях коммерции – учитывая последние события, что все западные компании ушли из России, перестали оказывать услуги по покупке цифровой дистрибуции. Западные компании не оставили простым жителям России выбора. Так что не удивляйтесь, если в ближайшие 1.5-2 года узнаете, что в России взломали PlayStation 5 и Xbox Series – эти игровые консоли ввозятся без пошлин в Россию из других стран, при том государство этому способствует, так что вполне вероятно будет дан зелёный свет энтузиастам, которые взломают эти консоли.

  26. So another words people in Russia can take games that aren’t even out yet early and Give them out for free And the company can’t do a thing about it

  27. Does that make Russian Piracy Sites, Privateer Sites now?

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