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On today’s IGN The Fix: Games,

Russia is reportedly easing its copyright laws to offset sanctions imposed by Western nations in response to its invasion of Ukraine – in doing so it is effectively legalizing piracy of games, movies, TV shows, and more.

Elden Ring is officially the United States’ best-selling game of 2022 so far, with a huge launch according to the latest NPD data.

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  1. …After games gone in Russia.
    World never be same. Now more "over world US" rules. And joke is that US with EU puppets start it long time ago by yourself.

  2. Oh no what are we going to do! The not main country Market for videogames has legalized piracy!. It's not like that was holding piracy or that it is going to bump it up more, if anything the piracy will continue and it is not like pirates want to base in Russia in this moment or that Russia is the main hub for piracy… An isolated country which is only isolating itself even more… Very sad for the people in Russia and Ukraine which only get to suffer all of this political garbage.

  3. All companies left Russia, that why they start pirating. Lol. Thx you USA and Eu. Disinformation is your priority.

  4. Russia turned into a third world country.

  5. Russia is now my second most favorite country.

  6. Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
    Drink and to hell with the rest
    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

  7. the background noise is way too loud compared to her voice. hurts with headphones

  8. Because being illegal stopped people. Besides, it’s the China market companies care about more.

  9. Corporations got to virtue signal and put out a press release condemning Russia, and Russian citizens get legal free games and movies. Everyone wins.

  10. So many sanctions given to them yet they're still staying strong even doing this. Impressive

  11. Russia is leading the way into the future of gaming.

  12. That’s normal if you gonna stop people watching movies and play games.

  13. Найс коментики чистят мразьи

  14. now it's impossible to play games and use programs in Russia differently, alas

  15. So dunno where IGN get their info. I'm living in MSK and pirate sites are still blocked and there is info that it will be blocked further

  16. Nonsense. One dude just recommended to legalize piracy, but no one support it.
    But who cares… 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. А хера ли вы хотели! Запретили теперь будем все пиратить!!!

  18. Omg Russia has some positive effect on the world now huh

  19. IGN, please at least do a proper quality check when releasing videos, BGM is way louder than the voice

  20. If companies didn't stop the sales in our region and didn't pull their games and soft from the stores, the government maybe won't legalize of piracy.

  21. There have always been pirates in Russia, and the games have always been translated by the pirates themselves, so it was before the legal version, now again the transfers from the pirates, so we don’t lose anything, but on the turnover we are in plus. Raise Black Flags !!!)))LOL

  22. unfortunately or fortunately. but few people want war in Russia

  23. Искусство должно быть вне политики, поэтому я полностью поддерживаю легализацию пиратства

  24. Well don’t put dumbass sanctions on their everyday people.

  25. OMG F*K POOTIN'!! Dude needs to be put in a box before he blows the whole World up…

  26. Russia is not a small market for legit games. By restricting sales in Russia the only thing those gaming companies hurt is their bottom line.

  27. Да никто ничего не легализовал в плане пиратства, что за бред

  28. Call it legal folks…putin will distroy all 🤣🤣🤣


    that's what happend when you forbid russion citizens to enjoy the witcher 3. imo it is a crime. so… u get what you deserve. cheers

  30. so Crazy … anything sanctions against Russia markets
    柴可夫斯基 作曲家 樂曲 被制裁 不能演奏某個樂章

  31. There is an easy answer for the Russia piracy topic: stop dubbing in Russian

  32. We are really putting mass murder Putin in Pirates of the Caribbean costume? Cmon IGN, make light of something else.

  33. They've been doing this for some time now people who have been doing this just keep doing the same out in the open.

  34. Нехуй забирать игры из магазинов

  35. Elden Ring enemies and horse are only visible 50% of the time on my Nvidia GTX 1600

  36. Russians: pirating everything
    Also Russians: not pirating Upload

  37. All game developers can say "thank you" to America and Europe. 🙂

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