Sail VR Check Out The Latest Update On This Amazing Pirate Game// Quest 2 Gameplay

Hello beautiful peeps today I’m having another look at Sail. Now since my last video on Sail a lot has changed, so I thought I would do an update video. I highly recommend downloading the game from App lab and also to join their Discord, that way you can stay up to date with what is happening and also give feedback.

Link to the game Sail

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  1. I have the big boat but idk how to fire the cannon at the front the big one does anyone know

  2. I just haven't had the time to play this recently, looks like it's coming along nicely

  3. i dont know how to play this game but it looks fun

  4. The V37 includes ship building, new weapon bits (new scope) many more islands and even better quests!!! Get over to their patreon to get the build!! ITS INCREDIBLE!

  5. Lot's of new stuff coming soon to SAIL!!!

  6. Yooooo clickster I see you have a new design for thumbnails and it looks pretty good

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