Salt 1.0 gameplay: Full release of pirate survival game! | Let’s play Salt ep 1

Salt gameplay of the 1.0 full release of this open-world survival game with pirates, sailing, treasure and all the usual crafting!
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In this let’s play Salt 1.0 gameplay video of the full release, we play a game that’s been in early access for a few years, and is now finally complete – the Salt release date for the full version is on 6 February 2018.

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Salt 1.0 gameplay, which includes the recently added multiplayer mode, is about surviving on a series of islands that you go between on a variety of boats, from basic rafts to bigger ships.

This let’s play Salt 1.0 gameplay video starts from the beginning where we see how to find the pickaxe, how to repair your first raft, how to craft a club, how to fight pirates, how to find buried treasure and much more.

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Official Salt 1.0 gameplay info:

“Salt is an open-world pirate exploration and adventure game. Set sail with friends or alone across an infinite world filled with pirates, treasure, quests, bosses, and tons of epic loot! Fight captains, build a ship, hunt and fish for food, and take on epic adventures in the world of Salt.”

Developed by: Lavaboots Studios
Salt release date: 6 February 2018 (full release)
Formats available: PC Windows

Official site:


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  1. i'm not part of the notification squad. And i'm this early.

  2. Keep up the great content I love finding these games to play via your channel…..


  3. A couple of tips for you… the arrows you crafted were avian arrows which are deadly for birds but super weak on everything else… you need to use wood + flint to craft the better arrows needed to kill pirates and deer….To sort your boat- launching problems press B to open your boat menu  (or access through inventory) and simply drop a new raft / boat into the water which will be facing whatever direction you are facing so no need to push the raft off the sand and try to turn it…. just drop and go.

  4. Man I love this game! But there really isn't many playthroughs or tutorials, hence why I started me series too. Thanks for making this brother.

  5. Need blunt pick axe for volatile boulder for chance to get volatile ore.

  6. Turning the foliage down makes an ugly game uglier.

  7. I’ve come back it’s been 4 years since I checked on this game it looks different

  8. Gasp. I haven’t played this game in something like 7 years, and last night I got major nostalgia from memory
    I remember finding the or an inn-keeper and just going there and sleeping until day, being too scared to go out at night, I remember making weapon holders and being confused on how they work I remember sailing around in my raft, pirate ship, and some other boat that I can’t remember.
    While typing this, I just realised. HE SAID MULTIPLAYER if I see this comment tomorrow I’m going to cringe.
    Anyway. The innkeeper was next to an island with a pirate village. God I miss this game

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