Salt 2 – Open World Sandbox Pirate Survival RPG

Salt 2 Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Salt 2 and check out a game where you’ll take on a great open ended quest to rid the seas of pirates while building, crafting, and fashioning ships which get larger and more grand.

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  1. This looks great, and contrary to some comments, the original Salt was great. There were some odd bugs (pausing while sailing could cause your ship to fly straight up in the air, and fall back down. for instance) but the game was engrossing. 200 hours on Steam, and this looks like an entire improvement on the original. Can't wait to give it a try.

  2. Wait, what happened with the first game? Wasn't Salt 1 in early access? Looks like the devs slapped "DONE" on it and moved onto a new project with basically the same engine. Would definitely avoid these folks.

  3. its like listning to Russel crow, just mesmerizing

  4. This has been done and better as well.

  5. Sorry Splat but this is the first time I have to give you thumbs down for not researching the developer before making a video.

    They put Salt 1 for Early Access at 6 February 2018 and despite all the promises they made they released it without any changes as a full game at 15 February 2018 and abandoned it. Then they run a Kickstarter for Salt 2 and Salt 2 will be just a copy of Salt 1 with everything they promised to add to Salt 1.

    There is also a big chance there will never be a skill tree as you showed that it is in Early Access now so they can pretend it is full game soon probably before this month will end.

    They also created and abandoned Wild West and Wizards pretty fast. This dev is into making a game fast and selling it fast as EA than changing EA into a full release and abandoning it.

    It is your job to not make video about a game that is developed by people that abuse indie scene and early access scene and kickstarter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. The devs scammed us with salt 1 they canceled early access just to make another game that looks exactly the same and resell it

  7. I kind of wish the lighting engine was a tad more realistic, but this game looks like fun nonetheless, so I wishlisted it on Steam today. Thanks for sharing this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This looks cool, very interesting game, although I noticed that you seemed to take damage during combat every time the enemies attacked, even when you were blocking or moved back far enough to be out of reach of their sword.

  9. When you nearly beached Kenny Loggins, you were really in the…Danger Zone.

  10. I'm sorry but if your game as swords and bamboo and you can't cut the bamboo, your game is not finished. Also don't like how you found a starfish in a barrel but couldn't grab the one you saw on the beach, so much for immersion.

  11. You should check out Windbound. Sailing survival craft rogue-like

  12. Yeah, Salt 1 was really meh and didn't really work out. Why did they make Salt 2 instead of just renovating Salt 1?

  13. At least you left the pirate's letter to his cat on screen long enough for us to pause it and read it. Also, how does it make sense to plan a boat at a cartography station? Wat?

  14. When you use your compass.. look at the stars in the sky above it XD

  15. Care for the dev, quick to abandon stuff that doesnt sell

  16. Damn it, SplatterCat! Another game I have to delve into. As an adult, time is in short supply. Can't buy more game. Gonna buy it anyway

  17. Splat: "It doesn't seem I can dive or swim"…
    My mind…: "Have you tried turning it off then back on? Or seeing if it was plugged in?"

    Love the content as always sir. Game on

  18. oh no, I got the first Salt in early access, I'm not falling for it again

  19. Good to see the old boy's still about! I haven't listened to Splat in a couple of years, and my mental health declined dramatically since!

  20. oh this game finally made it? neat. The original was quite a lot of fun for the price point.

  21. No pirate survival sim is complete without mermaid fan fic.

  22. Great video man. Well done. God bless you

  23. That water on the starting screen looks real nice

  24. This looks identical to the original but with voice actors and better graphics. Is the developer double dipping instead of updating the original?

  25. This looks great! Sooo much potential; honestly, it seems like a really good early access. Better than most, anyways! Thanks for showing us this one!

  26. Providing victuals for passing ships was a big business. The colonial powers would grab islands and ports where ships could be provisioned with repairs, new recruits, food and water, rope, sails, live animals and other consumables.

    Ports would have a whole little industry of people making biscuits and other edibles for the crew. Ships took on fresh water, new animals, replaced infested food with fresher stuff. There would be people like fishers, bakers, farmers and such producing a surplus to be sold.

    Being barred from these ports was a big deal for ships from unfriendly nations and pirates. Stealing or replacing the good rope from a ship becomes a necessity when you can't drop into port and buy the stuff. The different nations would hit eachothers merchants and naval ships with tariffs and penalties depending on their relations back in Europe.

  27. You may be getting paid for this cat but they fucked everyone and now they pay for a update

  28. Does everyone in the comments not realize it was a lone Dev? I'm 950% sure it was 1 guy who made Salt

  29. definitely has potential, however reading the recent reviews for Salt 1, the devs are actually pieces of shit, so hard skip…unfortunate.

  30. That guy at the beginning… did he have claw hands or something? What was that!?

  31. I have the first Salt. Played a bit and uninstalled to wait for futher updates…then Salt 2 is out…yeah, I am not buying into it.

  32. Stop paying $12 for salt just by garlic powder it's the same price as garlic salt and then you can just add salt. And you can get a much stronger garlic flavor without making your food so salty that it's inedible.

  33. don't buy salt 2. salt 1 didn't deserve love. it didn't get developed. go read the steam reviews of salt 1.

    it's abandonware. salt 2 will likely be the same way.

  34. That voice sounds like, "You must gather your party before venturing fourth."

  35. I love the first salt. Am sure to enjoy this one

  36. I don't really agree to all the comments below. I do not know what the devs promised befored the release of Salt 1, but damn I loved the game. Lots to do, tons of different bosses, different quests to do. Think I payed about 20 dollars for it, got it pretty early after the Steam release. I was super happy and put a bit more than 100 hours into it, and still didn't find or kill all the different bosses, nor did I get to finish all the quests in the game. I did stop on almost every single island I found.

    Salt 2, so far, I also think is great! Love it. I like the new additions they have made, the new crafting systems, the new island and POIs. I did buy Cyberpunk 2077, I did buy Halo Infinite, and I have gotten a lot more joy from buying and playing Salt than I have from those two titles. And those are huge titles, which I was more dissapointed by than Salt. Salt is made by like 2 people, who much can you even expect when the biggest publishers still delivers shit? At least these guy delivered chill and enjoyable games with lots of content.

    The reason they probably left Salt 1, in a state I feel is very good and not just "a shell of a game", is probably because they made another game, Wild West And Wizards. Which also is a fun game that I enjoyed playing. Cheap, lots of content and a chill experience.

  37. Dont insult TES world looting… The items you see in the world in TES are physical items with physics. Items in this game are static.

  38. Just bought the game last night. None of the skills are available. Where and how to go is a little lack luster. It seems like it has alot of potential but as it is now, not so much.

  39. no multiplayer unfortunately. that's a hard pass for me.

  40. I never played Salt 1 and just dove right into this game. I paid just under $20 and I've put in around 30 hours to the game so far and I've really enjoyed it and would say its worth the $20 price tag. I've just hit character level 40 although my skills (woodworking, mining, etc) haven't caught up yet. Its a game where you need to loot EVERYTHING because pretty much everything is used towards crafting. There's plenty of inventory weight capacity and it seems as though chests on your ship hold an infinite amount and the chests are also linked (so really there's no point in crafting more than one loot chest). Combat is pretty simplistic, they could certainly use some work on that to make it more interesting. The one thing I've been really impressed with is how rarely I've come across identical cave systems. I'm sure eventually I'll see them all, however the dev's did a great job creating a variety of different caves to explore so the game hasn't gotten stale and felt like a complete grind. I will say the game is certainly very grindy at the moment, its a push for levels but to get levels you need resources. End game is going to be grinding epic materials to craft epic weapons/armor (probably multiple of the same pieces) because there's "traits" which are randomized with each item you craft/find. So eventually it'll become a… craft the same thing over and over again until you get the stats you're looking for. All in all the game has great potential, as a single player open world crafting game its been really fun so far. After reading the comments I'm a little discouraged hearing the first game was full of promise with no delivery so I hope the dev's stick with it on this one.

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