Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Game Movie ( All Cutscenes)

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Game Movie ( All Cutscenes)
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  1. I love the fact that flame heart he’s just staring out there’d and thinking what is happening

  2. Ahoy mateys
    Watch the cutscenes me hearties

  3. Disney Interactive must come back

  4. Anyone else get choked up at the final battle? Lotta big emotional mlments being hashed out. Im Glad Jones and Calypso actually got some real closure on their story this time around. Jones had a chance to truely be free of his curse and rekindle his love with Calypso, but not surprisingly he refused. I was very moved by the idea that the SoT could be a plave where the Pirates characters could be their best selves again, now and forever. Finding a new future on a kinder horizon. Of course Jone's selfish nature won him out in the end. It's still bitter sweet, but it feels like a moment where characters like Calypso finally get to move on as a character finding a new home in the SoT. And Jack found something worth fighting for, a place he would consider a slice of heaven.

  5. Captain Redd sounds familiar, but I don't know who voices her

  6. 1:32:58 Absolutely perfect moment.

    Name of music playing during Sir Arthur Pendragon’s speech in this inspirational moment please? ^^

  7. This is the first Pirates of the Caribbean related media we ever got in these last years since Dead Men Tell No Tales

  8. 1:33:18
    Pendragon: our sea of thieves is a special place. A place where you can be a pirate and a good man.

    Wild Rose: a place where anything is possible.

    George: Where we are stronger together. Somewhere worth fighting for.

    Eli Slate : A place where we need nothing more then open waves 🌊 and a ship ⛵ beneath our feet. Or a place where we can be free.

    Captain Jack Sparrow : what a ship ⛵ is. What the black pearl really is. Is freedom.

    Captain Barbossa: Better were the days when mastery of seas came not from bargains struck with eldritch creatures, but from the sweat of a man’s brow and the strength of his back alone.

  9. Do we ever find out who is this mysterious captain that got Jones to serve him??

  10. So many references to the ride just made me sooooo happy

  11. Music:Hans Zimmer and Geoff Zanelli(2011-17)

  12. these still hit ngl. I mean aside from the obvious these are disney's characters…if given full freedom, god knows if she could have gotten through to him. and I don't know it she meant metaphorically "he is bound by no oath" or literally, as in he CAN set foot on land, considering the vast amount of magic in universe he could be human again. but I'm just being sympathetic and overthinking lol

  13. It Said All Cutscenes And It Was Just All Dialogue Journals And Looking Away From Cutscenes. Stop Clickbaiting

  14. I love this dlc it's the closest thing to a pirates of the caribbean game and my favourite section were the one's that reference the ride as it one of my favourite rides at any disney park

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