Sea of Thieves Gameplay! New Pirate Game! Best Looking Game at E3 (Sea of Thieves Xbox Gameplay)

Sea of Thieves Multiplayer Gameplay E3 2017 – Exclusive First Look at Sea of Thieves by Rareware for PC & Xbox One Part 1

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About Sea of Thieves:

Become a pirate legend
With musket loaded and grog in hand, the freedom of the pirate life awaits. What will your legend be?

A Treacherous Shared World
Adventure across a vast ocean where every sail on the horizon means a ship filled with real players who may be friends or foes.

Untold Treasures Await
Form a crew and voyage to treasure-filled islands, face legendary creatures and test your mettle in epic ship battles against other pirates.

Explore a fantastical world
Sail across varied seas and hand-crafted islands, battling enemies and unearthing the secrets of those that came before.

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  1. This game is the only reason I'm keeping my Xbox 🤣 I can't wait for this game to be released ((:

  2. why not metro exodus — that is cult game in Russia ! ???

  3. It looks fun when will it be out

  4. I'm still between liking how this game looks, and not liking it. It reminds me a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean Online (a game I loved before it closed) but at the same time different. The looks like you NEED other people to do anything in the game. Which isn't a good thing. I'm also looking forward to Skull and Bones, which looks like purely ship-to-ship combat.

  5. Dude listen, u never park next to another pirate ship. What u do is load ur cannons, get in position and open fire. That's how u do it.

  6. Play as much of this game as u possibly can, Baron!!! Watched about 43 minutes of gameplay on another channel, and this game is gonna be one of my favorites…hands, or peg-legs, down!😊

  7. I hope that they add a mechanic where you can upgrade your ship to have an 8 person crew and so on.

  8. I want this game but you NEED a crew to sail and I don't have that 🙁

  9. Naval action has the ships and the system I like the most. But lacks the funding.

  10. There is no such a thing as a crow nest it was the Main tops

  11. Baron if u like pirate games u should play The Pirate Caribbean hunt on the channel it's free

  12. awesome game…..I love the wave, wow!

  13. the sword you are holding is called a Cutlass

  14. I dont know, Star Citizen, Shadow of War, and Total War Warhammer II looked pretty fancy.

  15. how much do u think this game will cost

  16. Wow are you still doing cololen survival and land less

  17. Not worth installing windows 10 just to play it. I'll pass.

  18. Just give me a remastered Pirates of The Caribbean Online.

  19. Ya see pirates would not just mix rum and water but they would also mix other spices into it.

  20. I get so many wind waker vibes from this XD


  22. Scurvy is due to a lack of Vitamin C. Alcohol does not cure scurvy, fruits and vegetables with some vitamin C cure scurvy. The British put limes in their grog to give their sailors their vitamin C, that's why British sailors are called "Limeys". That being said, Grog is 1 part rum to 2 parts water. The water was stored for long periods of time in wooden barrels. The rum was simply there to disinfect the water. I worked at a Maritime Museum for a few years and picked up some "fun" facts…

  23. scurvy is what happens when you dont eat any fruit

  24. I always thought this would be a bad game but I actually enjoy it

  25. I play this game on xbox WAY to much 😂

  26. Imagine having it on in the background and a kraken

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