SEA OF THIEVES – Gameplay + Pirate Adventures!

Sea of Thieves has just gone into closed beta! I hopped on with some friends and played here for the first time. VERY promising first impression, this game is doing some interesting things. Playing with: Leave a LIKE and a comment. Join my Discord: Connect with me:


  1. I love the art style of this game. The graphics are simple but the lighting and shaders make it look so nice, I love the water too! Glad to see Rare is still making fun games like this, makes me nostalgic of banjo kazooie.

  2. How to pay off this pirate ship, food, and cost of voyage?

    Let’s fight and capture smaller pirate boats then maybe take their land

    Replace pirate ship with military industrial complex battleships…..and tell me ww3 plans of breaking even on battle ship/missile cost

    No way would they have killed Steve for a 2006 nonpoint song

  3. Do u play on Xbox one not one s if Xbox one can u join my game

  4. Just seen this it looks like you guys have a barrel of laughs all the time love it

  5. He need some shanties to make it perfect

  6. Is there udp port issues in this game…. meaning getting kicked of the servers over and over again

  7. Anyone wanna play with me?
    I’m new To Sea of thieves
    If anyone wants to Play with me, reply to me and I’ll give you my name

  8. The sails in that game defi the laws of physics

  9. Funniest game video I've seen in a long time 😂👍

  10. I think it'd be better if they'd fix the physics. A person is NOT swimming around while holding 9 cannonballs.

  11. Man, playing this game by myself and then watching them play it makes me want friends lol

  12. friend: fixed ship
    another friend: pukes so the friend cant fix ship

  13. who wants to team with my two bros dont worry if you dont have sea of thieves ihave it on steam and you can ask if you can play my game (if you are my friend in steam) so if you want to play just reply to this comment and we will get in contact

  14. The instrument at the beginning is called the hurdy gurdy if somebody didn’t know.

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  16. Jack. If you ever see this, please make more regular content with Tom and bongeh. You're honestly the funniest trio on YouTube.

  17. It was better back then, nostalgia from playing it at launch with my school friends.

  18. Just checking out the game for the first time and this is the first video I came across. You guys are freaking hilarious! I think I will go buy the game now. Thanks Guys and Gal for this fun vid.

  19. 2023, the game is still quite fun maybe even better

  20. Omg. You guys were having so much fun. I just happened upon this vid and started watching and BAM, 17min gone. Great fun. 😄Thanks!!

  21. Really had fun here, hope there is enough content to keep the game fresh when it launches! If you want to see more Sea of Thieves videos, let me know…

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