SEA OF THIEVES | The Best Pirate Game Ever? – Episode 1

This game is bloody fun! search for treasure…Explore islands.. Sail the seas… pvp with other pirates or kick up your feet and share a drink with your mates!

Game: Sea Of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.



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  1. Sarah you are the official….wrench……………what?!

  2. I think you misspelled ever ,for some reason there is a question mark at the end of it

  3. Thats got to be the best pirate ive even seen….

  4. cool looking game. great graphics – kinda remind me of WoW but with ships and weather and very realistic ocean & wave action. I wish WoW looked this good. but yeah like others have said, you sell a whole chest & only get 43 gold pieces? sounds like you were ripped off there. It outta be worth like a thousand at least.

  5. I was alone on a sloop and I killed and sunk a three man ship I'm still amazed on how I did that

  6. Kids, if you want something more realistic and serious than this, buy Blackwake, I help run a server on it called Great Tortuga, so hop in on steam and have some real fun.

  7. This looks like a pretty decent game- how many people do you think you need to play efficiently?

  8. When you really want to play this game but you don't have an Xbox One or a computer that can run it.
    Ah well. I'll live vicariously through the antics on youtube videos then, with Assassin's Creed 4 filling in as my "pirate game" for personal play at the moment.
    Shame you can't go harpooning for sharks in this game to sell their skins and bones.

  9. My very first time playing I met the kraken

  10. “Sarah, your the official… wench”

    I don’t know why I laughed harder than I should have

  11. lol "we got 3 seafarers and a castaways! we got too much to lose!" I go into battle solo with 5 ashen captains chests thinking "its not much to lose"

  12. Yohohoho~ Yoho,hoho
    Yohohoho~ Yoho,hoho

    You say the rest crew!

  13. Good ay lads ye be warned thee be the Black Sea captain me crew be looking for a fight.

  14. What you call cannon balls are actually called shots.

  15. in this game the sails will damage the ship in high winds as the masts will bend and take their towl on the hull

  16. Treasure map-> travel 5min -> get treasure max 5min -> collect other 5 treasures -> sail, fight, die 5 times, then out of wood -> sink -> repeat

  17. “I don’t think he’s a real pirate, oy what’s the pirates code?”

    Uh. Arrg?

    “Thank bloody hell, thought you wuz wonevem Navyboyz”

  18. This entire series great I've watched it so many times

  19. Pirates of the Burning Sea is better but thives is too good

  20. I literally searched “that one game about pirates” because I forgot this games name and I found you

  21. Yes its brilliant but black flag is still on the top three

  22. if you say shit or dang or fuck or ass be happy with negative spirit so don't say doe's negative word's they will give you negative spirit's


  24. I wish sea of thieves was on PS4 and PS5

  25. If Vertigo loves his subs he will pin this <3

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